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2016 gold medals witness Fook jewellery Bei Ma exclusive glory – Sohu in September 17th at 7:30 in the morning, Beijing Tiananmen square, crowded. With the starting gun, kicked off the thirty-sixth Beijing marathon. In the Olympic Park at the end point, nearly 30000 runners have been finished full of glory and made Fook jewellery designed, with gold medal finish. The 2016 Beijing marathon shots to start running from Hongkong Luk Fook jewellery, again for the 2016 Beijing marathon and finished the design and fabrication of medals, unique design, Beijing city features exquisite craft, inlaid with gold highlights, still by runners alike. By running hand as one of the biggest power to insist on running the whole process. The 2016 Beijing marathon race medal Leofoo group Mr. Liu Tiancai as the deputy director of China business 2016 North horse woman before three medal understanding Luk Fook jewellery, finish the extraordinary significance of that medal runner, is the one and only the symbol of honor, warm and thoughtful booth set up in the event at the end point, to provide free services for end lettering the hands, for a medal exclusive mark. There are sincere confession between lovers, warm wishes for the family, but also have their own expectations of encouragement…… At the end point in the runners have captured the memorable full medal finish for Fook jewellery run hand no regrets, and the launch of the WeChat reservation Luk Fook jewelry engraving services, site can not run on the hand carved, can visit the Westin Beijing Wangfujing department store jewelry stores for free lettering, everywhere embodies the spacific " jewelry; six heart service " business philosophy. At the end point Fook jewelry booth, free of charge for the runners of the medal lettering services in the first few days of the Beijing marathon Expo booth, Luk Fook jewellery is with gold medals for the huge crowds of people, show the prototype build medals props, with gold medals has attracted many runners to come to a photo, with great joy looking forward to the moment wearing medals. In addition, the Luk Fook jewellery and marathon personal artist miss Tian Shichuan jointly launched the marathon medal art exhibition, not only in the field of exhibition design by Luk Fook jewelry Beijing marathon, Shanghai marathon, Wuhan marathon and Hongkong marathon race medal medal ranking, another North horse ten years (2005 to 2014) historical medal and from all over the world famous marathon race medals on display, to run the marathon medal hand to bring the visual feast open up a fresh outlook. Luk Fook jewelry booth runners and medals props fall over each other during a photo exhibition, as Chinese traditional festival, Mid Autumn Festival, family reunion, enjoyable warm days, Luk Fook jewelry special arrangements for the lovely budding "hug family" for athletes and cheerleaders, family cheering, blessing, let go the hand who feel the warmth. Luk Fook jewellery cuddle family "cheerleaders for running hand cheering Fook jewelry will continue to sponsor the Beijing marathon in 2017, design and production of finished medals, expect together!相关的主题文章:

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