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UnCategorized Man boobs are the dread of every male. It creates such torment that it destroys your self-confidence. The prospect of having to take your shirt off anywhere but your bathroom can give you a heart attack. But don\’t give up hope. You can lose those unwanted man boobs in just 3 easy steps. The catch is that these 3 steps must be followed consistently. It must be.e a way of life for you. Diet Your Man Boobs Away The basic way to eliminate your man boobs is to burn the fat and replace it with muscle and the first step is to follow a smart diet. Your ideal food intake should have 15% fat, 35% protein and 50% carbohydrates. Choose your food carefully so that what you eat already has these percentages in them. If you replace white foods (white bread, plain pasta, and white rice) with brown foods (whole wheat bread, pasta, and brown rice) and also eat plenty of vegetables with your meals, you are well on your way to turning that flab into muscle. For your meals, eat 2/3 portion of vegetables and 1/3 lean protein like turkey, white meat chicken and fish. Another trick is to use medium size plates which are around 8\" or 9\" instead of 12\" plates. Follow these simple ways and you can see the difference in 2-3 weeks. Strength Training Erases Man Boobs Strength training is vital to burn the extra fat stored in those man boobs. It also firms and tones up the loose and sagging muscles on your chest. It is easier to convert the fat into muscle than to build muscle from point zero and strength training does exactly that. Remember, the more muscle you have the more fat you burn because muscle burns 10 more calories than a pound of fat without any work. Attack those man boobs with strength training for 20-30 minutes with 10 minutes of stretching and ab exercises for five days in a week and watch the result. Aerobic Exercise Burns Man Boobs The most effective way to burn fat is to do aerobic exercises. You don\’t need a gym for this. Find an activity that increases your heart rate and do it for an hour for five days in a week. Aerobic activities like biking, tennis, basketball or swimming can be great fun and can be done with friends. You could also put on those walking shoes and go in for a brisk walk or jog. Whatever you choose, have fun while doing it and as your heart rate increases your man boobs will decrease. If you follow these 3 steps with dedication and persistence, you can say goodbye to your man boobs. Though it will take some time to eliminate them, the difference you will see in 2-3 weeks time will propel you to sculpt a new body for yourself. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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