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300 million yuan shares mutual gold gold gold platform Peng Vanke pan to melt layout (Figure) – Sohu financial reporter Zhang Xiaoling intern reporter Zhou Zhiyu Shenzhen reported an "Internet financial and real estate developers, the natural resources such as upstream and downstream suppliers, community owners are closely linked, the future can also turn to the community O2O, financial and other aspects of the community. Developers can carry out a variety of business cooperation with mutual gold platform itself." In the dense fog of the occasion of the dispute on the occasion of the shares, Vanke has not yet relaxed business level action. August 24th, Vanke and Peng Jin jointly confirmed that the acquisition of nearly 300 million yuan Vanke gold Vanke, Vanke became its largest shareholder. This is the second time shares Vanke financial platform, publicly available in 2013, Vanke shares Merchants Bank, but since then, compared with Hengda, Wanda, green, Fantasia and resources actively acquire financial licenses such as real estate, Vanke in the layout of the financial sector the pace is not fast, but did not put forward the combination of ideas like Hengda. People close to Vanke pointed out, whether Merchants Bank shares or Peng Jin, Vanke internal logic of action, is the use of existing credit, transformation and supporting service providers own city business collaboration, and asset light operations. Into the Internet banking, according to the official website of the announcement of the king, the Vanke shares through the capital increase, after the completion of the capital increase, Vanke became the largest shareholder Peng peng. Reporters found that access to business information, the current business registration information has not yet changed Peng peng. Business information display, Peng Jin registered in June 16, 2014, the registered capital of 527 million 780 thousand yuan. In the current business information, the top six shareholders invested 20 million yuan, the shareholding ratio was 13.3333%, respectively, TYDIC hingsen technology, wal nuclear material, hytera, CLOU electronics and Shenzhen Oceania Printing Co. ltd.. In addition to Shenzhen Oceania Printing Co. Ltd., the top six shareholders of five companies are A shares of listed companies. According to the official website of the information, its shareholders lineup has 23 listed companies. Although the industry and commerce information in the end of 7 this year has been changed, the former chairman and general manager Wu Xiaowen leave, chairman of the board of science and technology by the chairman of the board of science and technology, Qiu Xingya, chairman of the board of science and technology, chairman of the board of directors, chairman of the board of directors, chairman of the board of directors, chairman of the board of directors, chairman of the board of directors, chairman of the board of directors of the. But compared to its official website information, the change of the members of the board of directors to pay more attention. The nine directors of the company’s official website shows, Lin Mingsong, Liang Yong, Zhu Jiusheng, Guo Changyu and the four directors of vanke. Among them, Lin Mingsong is currently the capital of Vanke business consultant, Liang Yong, deputy general manager of the current Vanke finance and internal control center, and then served as Vanke finance and internal control of the business manager of the Department of. As for Zhu Jiusheng worked in, the Construction Bank of Shenzhen branch Chinese, and joined the company in 2012, in charge of banking, trust and other credit channels of financing, in charge of the group of all funds scheduling rights, including Vanke business partner ownership platform bestchem partnership using information management plan. According to the insiders Vanke statement, Zhu Jiusheng served as lead role in Vanke cash flow model, since joining Vanke, Vanke bank funds docking business more smoothly. Yu Yu相关的主题文章:

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