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60 winning a single product not easy decoration to home for the perfect city introduction: we all know that one of the three major international tournament iF industrial design awards, in fact, iF Design Asia Ltd will be held once a year Home Furnishing fashion award. This year a total of 19 countries from the world of 226 pieces of entries, six category contains: kitchen utensils, household appliances, furniture, lighting, bathroom supplies, office stationery gifts and textile floor wall decoration. The final 60 entries in the 2016 Home Furnishing Fashion Award "certainly, if the family can get the full set of the only two words to describe, perfect! (source: Pu like   finishing editing: ears) concerned about the public number, there are cavity tune, see more exciting original content! Pan | Taste plus cookware designer CO. LTD, wooden handle and a series of elements made from natural beech. Milk pot and pot with lid combo design, both the lid and bowl, can reduce the storage space and less washing a bowl. One face plate | Sweets Family designer mat plate and integrated with mat can be directly adsorbed on the table, the child is difficult to pull over it, can solve most of the children eating mess. Smiling face separation design, can let the mother into the child into a variety of food, put on different shapes, let the baby fall in love with a meal. "Organic.s" series of ceramic designer RELATIVE.s | in our daily life to taste and smell to experience these ingredients, and Organic.s try to make us pay attention to visual and tactile often ignored. Designers hope to allow users to work more carefully to observe the similarities and differences between different fruits and vegetables. The food is Life & Living International designer |; Limited spring rain flower sorrow, summer breeze weeping willow waves, autumn moon cup Ying, winter spring next year to send. Enjoy four scenery, four seasons spring late product taste, dishes, cups, bowls, summer autumn and winter cup, a strong light ink layer a picturesque scenery, clear glass carved out of the stack full age. Kitchen designer Life & Living International Limited |; "grind type inspired by ancient tea can be used to grind, mashed and mixed with spices, tea, herbs, is used to prepare meals or seasoning modulation good helper. A wooden wheel in the ceramic roller slot in the rolling back and forth, to taste memory. Ye Min creative | Zen chair designer furnishing Co., Ltd solid wood production, highlighting the grain of lumber itself beauty. The chair surface can be adjusted according to the actual needs, and the user can take different ways according to different needs. The whole process of making e tenon相关的主题文章:

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