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Software Loky ( .android.handster.com/loky.html ) is a great app that helps you keep your sensitive contacts ( .android.handster.com/ ), messages and files away from prying eyes. With Loky you can create a private area on your mobile, where you can hide sensitive contacts in a secret address book, and hide messages to, and from these contacts. Loky automatically intercepts messages from these contacts and redirects them to an alternate SMS inbox. You can also opt for dummy SMS notifications. When you receive a message from a hidden contact, you will receive a dummy SMS to let you know that you have received a new message from that contact. You will not be charged for the Dummy SMS notifications ( .android.handster.com/catalog.php?search=sms+notification ). When you launch Loky you will be asked to choose and confirm a PIN number to access your account ( https://.handster../login.php ). You can also set a Pin reminder, in the event you forget your PIN number. Navigation is fairly simple and straight forward. There are four tabs on the top of the screen using which you can .pose new messages, change settings, add new contacts, and hide files. To change the Loky settings, navigate to the settings tab. Here you can change your dummy pin, PIN reminder, and also wipe your Loky account in a hurry. To send a hidden message simply navigate to your Loky inbox, and click on the big speech bubble in the center of your inbox screen. Alternatively, you can also navigate to you Loky address book, and click on the contact you’d like to send the message to. You will presented with the messaging options that are available for that contact. If you’ve already received a message from that contact, simply navigate to that message in your Loky inbox and .pose your reply. Loky also lets you store sensitive files and documents. To add new files to Loky simply navigate to the ‘Files’ tab and press on the upload icon at the bottom. You will now be able to view all the files currently on your mobile. Select the files you’d like to hide by checking the box next to them, and then import them to your Loky locker. You can rename, export and even delete these files entirely from your phone. Loky has a great ‘Dummy Account’ feature, which .es in very useful if you are ever coerced into opening your account against your will. Simply enter you dummy PIN number, and you will presented with a .pletely empty Loky account, whilst your sensitive data is hidden safely behind your regular PIN. You can also add contacts and files to your dummy account to make it seem like your real Loky account. Loky also has a ‘Shake-to-close’ feature that lets you quickly hide the app by shaking your phone. You can also take pictures directly with Loky. With the Auto lock setting you can set how quickly your PIN is required when switching to and from the App. Loky is a highly useful app that keeps your sensitive data secure and gives you the privacy you desire. Features: * Hide sensitive contacts, messages and files * Loky has a great ‘Dummy Account’ feature * SMS notification to let you know you have received message from a hidden contact * Simple easy-to-use navigation * PIN reminder, in the event you f.et your PIN number * Auto Lock setting About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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