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Real-Estate Owning a property abroad .es with legal and financial responsibilities. Just as the ownership of your UK property .es with responsibilities attached, so does your new property abroad. As a home owner in a foreign country, you need to make sure that you are abiding by all the relevant legislation. Tax Tax issues can be .plicated for people owning a home in the UK and a property abroad. Tax will be levied on you in both countries, and you will have to check that you are not being taxed twice for the same thing. For example, any rental in.e you earn will be taxed in the UK, and whilst this might not be much, you will have to watch that your in.e from your property abroad doesnt push you into the higher tax band. In addition, check that youre not also getting taxed on this in.e by the country where you bought your property. Many countries have a double-tax agreement with the UK, which means that you only pay the tax in one country. Check whether this applies to your property abroad, and speak to our tax expert if you have any other questions or concerns. Legal There will be some legal responsibilities that .e with ownership of a property abroad. For example, what arrangements have you made for the sale of the property in your will? The legal implications of selling the property or registering new owners after your death may be costly. You should check this out when you are buying your property abroad, and make sure that your will is updated accordingly. In addition, there may be local legal requirements of you as a property owner and you should check these with your estate agent or solicitor to make sure that youre always on the right side of the law. Tenants If you are renting your property abroad, you have a responsibility for the safety and welfare of your tenants. Your property must be in good order, and fixtures and fittings should be checked and inspected regularly to ensure that there is no danger to people staying in your home. This is not only good landlord practice, but it ensures that you .ply with local tenancy regulations and that you avoid costly litigation should anything go wrong. Owning a property abroad is a fantastic experience, but its one that .es with its own responsibilities. Take them seriously and you will be able to enjoy many years in your new home. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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