After the death of the old man’s wife and son more than and 70 years to fight for their ashes on the stanley博士的家2

His wife and son at the age of more than and 70 after the death of the elderly for the ashes of the downtown Court Southern Nanning morning news (reporter Yang Zairui correspondent Wei Hui) Mr. Wei died of illness has been more than 3 years, the more than and 70 year old wife and son Wei Mouning Weimou for his ashes in the court. August 17th, Hechi city Jinchengjiang District People’s court hearing the case. September 14th, the court ruling, dismissed the claims of a lawsuit. September 14th, the reporter learned from the local court, Wei said he would appeal. It is understood that Wei and Mr. Wei in the 70s of last century to marry, happy marriage, but no children. Later, Mr. Wei to his illegitimate son Wei Mouning, living together. In October 9, 2013, Mr. Wei died of illness, by Wei Mouning solely for his father’s funeral. In the case of Wei and relatives do not inform, Mr. Wei Mouning took away mr.. After more than two years, after repeated communication no results, Wei Mouning will be on the court. Weimou agent said in court, while Mr. Wei was seriously ill, to merriam-a expressed the hope that a hundred years after the two people can still together wish by Weimou to his hometown in Huanjiang choose to be buried, Wei Mouning’s actions are in violation of the deceased, to Weimou caused great mental damage invasion of her rights and interests. Therefore, Wei Wei Wei Wei will be the ashes and the preservation of the stock exchange to wei. Wei Mouning argued that his father is the only children, have the right to deal with his father’s funeral, but Weimou advanced in age and no other children, home, no house and no family, no ability to deal with his father’s funeral. The court held that the plaintiff’s testimony of witnesses confirmed that the deceased only expressed with the plaintiff buried wishes, so the plaintiff claims the deceased buried in the plaintiff does not confirm expressed willingness to home. In addition, due to the same order of succession of human can not reach a consensus, should be buried with the dead. The most relevant personnel in charge of related affairs. According to the specific circumstances of the case, and only the existence of legal relation of the deceased, the plaintiff is frail, mobility, daily life still need care, and in between the plaintiff and the defendant, the defendant more responsible for funeral affairs. In Mr. Wei died, the defendant responsible for burial affairs, the process and result is contrary to the local customs. In summary, the first instance court dismissed all claims of the plaintiff.相关的主题文章:

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