Airport line fully equipped for the first Fishbelly station at – Hubei – exit safe mode

Airport line "fully equipped for   the first Fishbelly station at   – Hubei channel — original title: the first Fishbelly station unveiled less ground Lane subway line from the station to the Song Gang dragon Avenue direction started downhill, and gradually enter the underground reporter Li Yong Gangshe reporter yesterday visited the Wuhan Metro Airport Line, found at present, the airport line equipment has been put into use, the end of this month has to do with the traffic conditions of the preparatory work. The only 7 station of the new line, again to refresh the Wuhan subway "Yan value and quality: as for the first time in Wuhan rail transit built" Fishbelly "on the station, not only has more unique and beautiful, but also by changing the pier style to reduce the occupation of the road surface area, can shoot two hawks with one arrow. Fishbelly station less ground two lane airport subway line is line 2 north extension line, from Silver Lake to the Tianhe Airport, a total length of 19.5 kilometers, with 7 stations, and line 3 Hongtu Boulevard Station transfer station, aviation headquarters and Song Gang station is 2 seat on the elevated station. Airport line tiesiyuan overall design director Zhao Qiang, Song Gang in a Wuhan subway station which is a bit special: from a height overlooking the stand in the middle, two small, like a fish belly, the reporter also found in the station, along the ground blind, the station has a significant radian, "this is our interested in the design, the purpose is to reduce the amount of pavement." Zhao Qiang said. He said that the common ground from the plane are rectangular, such as at the station on both sides of the track, going through the viaduct gradually lead to adjacent and parallel state, "so we must use the portal pier area larger. But if we start from the station began to narrow, the number of gates can be greatly reduced, and replaced by a single column pier." Zhao Qiang calculations to reporters: because Song Gang station uses the first Fishbelly design, reducing portal pier laying length of nearly 200 meters, the range of the ground increased two-way two lane width, the space reserved for the future development. For the first time equipped with air conditioner outdoor elevated station waiting room of Wuhan Metro Group official said, although the airport line 2 line north extension line, but because of access to the Tianhe Airport, which belongs to the window of the city zone, so in terms of humanization design, carried out a series of promotion, including Aviation headquarters station, station of the two outdoor Song Gang the elevated station first air-conditioned waiting room for passengers, especially the disabled old pregnant and other special groups to provide better waiting environment. The reporter saw the scene, the platform ends aviation headquarters station, Song Gang station each have an air-conditioned waiting room, each waiting room surrounded by glass, with an area of 40 square meters. If you occupy 0.8 square meters per person to calculate the area, a waiting room can accommodate up to 50 people. In addition, the airport line of the new station inside are set up and down the escalator, the design of the first phase of line 2 is an obvious progress. Expected in the most concentrated traffic Tianhe Airport Station, the terminal of the channel, but also added a downward escalator on the 2, for a total of 4 escalators, make passengers move)相关的主题文章:

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