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Alipay WeChat relay withdrawals free internet service charges less material – Beijing new network in Beijing in September 13, (Wu Tao) following the March WeChat payment received cash fee, Alipay will charge. The experts have pointed out that this means that the third party online payment duopoly pattern tends to be stable; but for users, both the competition bonus disappeared, and what is not good, the future of the Internet, "free lunch" will be less and less. Xu Kangping agency issued photo " src=" 20160912; 2016912235346.jpg" style=" border:px solid #000000" title=" data figure. Xu Kangping agency issued photo " > data figure. Photo agency issued Xu Kangping Alipay announced the withdrawal fees for 12 days, Alipay announced, October 12th, Alipay will exceed the amount of free for individual users to cash charge 0.1% service charge, each individual users enjoy 20 thousand yuan accumulated amount of withdrawals free basis. In addition, after the free amount of use, the user accumulated points can be used to redeem the free cash flow. At present, the exchange ratio is 1 ant points can be redeemed for free withdrawals of $1, not capped. About the charges, Alipay said in the announcement, "the comprehensive management of rapidly rising costs, adjusted cash rules in order to reduce some cost pressures. As early as February of this year, WeChat announced that it will also charge fees, said the pursuit of revenue is not moving, but to pay bank charges." The value of users eager to cash the little Alipay will receive cash withdrawal fees, mainly for individual users, corporate users are not affected (individual Taobao users will not be affected). With a view of personal micro business will hit, electricity supplier observers Lu Zhenwang told Beijing (WeChat public number: cns2102) interview said, in fact, micro business mainly used WeChat payment more, with Alipay and little correlation. Deputy director of the view Chinese Internet association "Internet plus" research and consulting center Li Yi told Beijing interview, the Alipay open and close personal withdrawal fee, overall, little impact, before October 12th, the user will not appear massive withdrawals, believe that Alipay big data had been done to this matter impact assessment. In addition, it is understood that in China, Alipay support catering businesses, super convenience store has more than 100 million, net about cars more than 10 million vehicles, which supports the whole process of registration, payment and other Alipay services more than 2000 hospitals. From a practical point of view, Alipay users eager to cash value is not great. China News Agency reporter Zhang Bin photo " src=" 20160912 2016912235459.jpeg" style=" borde)相关的主题文章:

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