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Home-and-Family It’s that back to school time of year again. College students need a good way to haul lots of stuff (like that mountain of dirty laundry they wash once a month) and athletes need a place for all their gear. Duffel bags can be a great option for both. The most crucial thing they have going for them? They hold a lot of stuff. In the past though, one drawback was that they can get tough to lug if they are heavy and can only be carried by small handles in your hands. These days, duffel bags have features like extended handles and wheels, as well as separate .partments for shoes, and other additions that make the old faithful duffel bag a great new way to carry your stuff. Some have sections that are collapsible or expandable, so you can customize it each time you use it, and others have areas with waterproof lining so you can carry wet things back from the beach, or after getting caught in the rain. Duffel bags are great for other reasons, too. For one thing, as other luggage and bag types like handbags and suitcases seem to soar to astronomical prices for seemingly small changes in quality, the duffel bag is almost always an economical choice. If you’re buying one for your kid and she’s not with you, you probably don’t have to worry if it’s the current style, unlike backpacks and purses. Duffel bags are pretty nondescript, and it’s pretty hard to go wrong picking one out for someone. That said, if you are buying for a fashionista, there are duffels in styles that are made to stand out, in bright, bold colors and patterns. While it’s usually a good call to go with a generic size and shape of duffel bag so you can maximize the number of things you can use it for, there are also specialized duffel bags that are shaped to hold particular kinds of sports equipment, such as lacrosse sticks or skis. This can be useful for air travel to protect your gear when finding other luggage that will hold odd shapes and sizes can be difficult. Military members have used duffel bags for years and are issued variations on them to ac.modate the amount of stuff required for long deployments, and specialized equipment. Whether you use it as a favorite old standby, or your latest luggage accessory, the duffel bag is versatile and functional. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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