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Beijing: known as the registration delay time actually return   "Ling se Kang" dealers gone – Beijing channel: original title: "Ling se Kang" dealers do not see the newspaper news (reporter Wang Qipeng) 85 year old king father claims to be able to buy 6 boxes for the treatment of cancer "spirit of selenium Kang oral liquid the dealer, found suspected hype, he demands the return of the king. However, after the manufacturer and dealer registered his information, they never returned the goods to him. Yesterday, Wang again contacted dealers, suddenly found that the dealer’s phone has been canceled. Uncle Wang lived in Fengtai in three road, he is the spirit of Se Kang oral liquid in June this year in a hotel in the "urine" activities to buy the. He said that the organizers of the Shanghai gold partner under the banner of the company, through the "urine" claims to be able to know whether the cancer. As a result, Wang and his wife have been tested "cancer", and in the organizers of the staff flicker, spent 4880 yuan to buy 6 boxes of oral liquid. "We didn’t have cancer at all, and we were scared." Wang said that the dealer did not give him the invoice, nor told him the location of the office, but he left a landline number. In July this year, a lot of people to the Beijing evening news complaints, said criminals use "urine" in the form of fudge elderly buy Ling se Kang oral liquid. Mr. Wang in the newspaper saw the relevant reports, but also to manufacturers and distributors call for return. "They all registered me and said they could do it in a week. After a week, and then verify, will be done as soon as possible." However, almost three months later, there was no return for him. He said, yesterday morning, he called the manufacturer and nobody answered, so he had to call the dealer again. Unexpectedly, dial the dealer to stay on the landline number, the answer is another company. The other told him that the unit that used this number cancelled it, and they were new numbers from the phone office. So far, Wang was somewhat disheartened. "They promise to return the goods to be fake, just to pull out the time." Wang said angrily, the previous manufacturers explained to him that the dealer’s behavior has nothing to do with them, they do not know. "In my opinion, this is shirking responsibility!" He said he knew this oral liquid is a health food formal, but the "urine" to fudge elderly publicity hate. The reporter contacted several other old people who had been bought by "Huyou", and they also reflected that they had never returned the products for them. And the old people said, after they contacted the manufacturer, received the express sent to the "proof material", proving that oral liquid is no problem. However, these materials do not prove that oral liquid can treat cancer. Last night, Ling Kang se manufacturers responsible person Mr. Tang said, because Beijing dealers suspected hype, they have moved to Beijing authorized dealers. As for Mr. Wang and other elderly return of the admissibility of the case, he said he did not know, will be verified as soon as possible after treatment. J219 (commissioning editor Yin Xingyun and Gao Xing) 北京:号称登记退货实则拖延时间 “灵硒康”经销商不见了–北京频道–人民网 原标题:“灵硒康”经销商不见了   本报讯(记者王琪鹏)85岁的王老爷子购买了6盒号称能治疗癌症的“灵硒康”口服液,发现经销商涉嫌夸大宣传后,王老爷子要求退货。然而,厂家和经销商登记了他的信息后,却一直没有给他办理退货。昨天,王老爷子再次联系经销商时突然发现,经销商的电话已经注销了。   王老爷子家住丰台三路居,他是今年6月份在一家酒店参加“验尿”活动时购买的灵硒康口服液。他说,活动主办方打着上海黄金搭档公司的旗号,宣称通过“验尿”就能知道是否得了癌症。结果,王老爷子和老伴都被验出“癌症”,并在主办方工作人员的忽悠下,花了4880元购买了6盒口服液。“其实我们根本没有癌症,当时是吓坏了才买的。”王老爷子说,经销商当时没有给他发票,也没有告诉他办公地点,而是给他留了一个座机号码。   今年7月,不少老人向北京晚报投诉,称有不法分子用“验尿”的形式忽悠老年人购买灵硒康口服液。王老爷子在报上看到相关报道后,也分别给厂家和经销商打电话要求退货。“他们都给我登记了,说一周之内就能给我办。一周之后再打又说还要核实,会尽快给办。”然而,将近三个月了,依然没有人为他退货。他说,昨天上午,他给厂家打电话没人接听,于是只好再打给经销商碰碰运气。没想到,拨通了经销商留的那个座机号,接听的却是另外一家公司。对方告诉他,之前使用这个号码的单位把它注销了,他们是从电话局新办的号码。   至此,王老爷子有些心灰意冷。“他们退货的承诺是假的,就是在拖时间。”王老爷子生气地说,之前厂家跟他解释说经销商的行为和他们无关,他们根本不知情。“在我看来这就是推卸责任!”他说,他知道这口服液是正规的保健食品,但对这种用“验尿”来“忽悠”老人的宣传方式深恶痛绝。   记者又联系了其他几位因被“忽悠”而购买灵硒康口服液的老人,他们也反映一直没人为他们退货。还有的老人称,他们联系过厂家后,收到快递寄来的“证明材料”,证明口服液没有问题。不过,这些证明材料并没有证明口服液能治疗癌症。   昨晚,灵硒康厂家相关负责人唐先生表示,因为北京的经销商涉嫌夸大宣传,他们已经取消了对北京经销商的授权。至于王老爷子以及其他老人退货未受理的情况,他表示并不知情,会核实后尽快处理。J219 (责编:尹星云、高星)相关的主题文章:

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