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"Beijing traffic" APP  CAN bus real-time information   can check the subway crowding – car — August 25 Beijing Xinhua future (Wu Xiaoqin) reporter learned from the Municipal Transportation Commission, Beijing Municipal Traffic Commission official mobile phone APP "Beijing traffic today formally launched. Now, through the "Beijing traffic" APP can query the 613 bus and airport bus real time information, but also for online speed card, query traffic violation records, query 20 service functions of real-time vehicle information real-time traffic and public bike rental outlets. Beijing City Traffic Commission official said in an interview with reporters, the future will continue to launch new traffic promotion, policy advice, traffic information service section, and is expected to launch a customized bus, passenger rail traffic congestion and traffic system of administrative licensing matters such as query service this year. Beijing traffic APP the first phase of the line, including traffic information, service two sections. Among them, the service sector launched a lot of practical features. However, some netizens pointed out that the APP is not online recharge card "and" public charging pile real-time status "such concern, in this regard, the Transportation Commission official said, will continue to improve the relevant functions, provide better service for everyone to travel. Previously, the Beijing Municipal Traffic Management Bureau has launched the "Beijing traffic police" APP, to provide convenient transportation, for the owners of car service management service, with online handle minor traffic accidents, online handle the Beijing card, online query processing, and other functions to report illegal illegal. Real time bus is the highlight of the airport bus can also be checked by real-time bus function, the public can query the city’s 613 bus real-time arrival information. Before going out, see eye bus arrival information, reasonable arrangements for departure time, will greatly reduce the waiting time at the station. Covering the line more, covering a total of 613 bus lines, 611 ordinary bus lines, two for the Wangjing airport bus line, four line, this is the airport bus service for the first time included in the query. Accuracy is higher, the new version of the service through technical innovation, so that the accuracy of the forecast compared to the original Traffic Commission Beijing real time bus service increased by an average of 10%. Real-time traffic information update cycle is shortened to 2 minutes "real-time traffic information service is a new road traffic Commission and Traffic Management Bureau data fusion after the launch of the service, compared to the previous version is more accurate and comprehensive, the update cycle shortened to 2 minutes, within six rings above the level of county road road coverage rate increased to 93%. But also for the fast pass card, you can apply online to do the card, you can check the monthly statement, pass records and other information. "Maintenance enterprises" can query the basic situation of maintenance enterprises, to prevent "black". Public bicycle rental outlets can also query. Through this feature, the user will be able to query 12 districts and counties, a total of more than 2100 car rental outlets real-time vehicle information. Members of the public can be found by the "public bicycle" function of the city’s public bicycle distribution, but also by the number, address and other information, but also through the pedestrian evaluation function to recommend the best route to walk. People in and out of Beijing can pass "flight dynamics"相关的主题文章:

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