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Traffic-Building How the Diet Plan Started Belly Buster Diet is a branch of the Floridian company, Before and After Weight Loss Clinics. The founder is Lee McCaskill, a former director of Mary Kay who encountered weight issues of her own before deciding to branch out with a new company. After gaining 90 pounds after an illness, and not being able to lose the weight, McCaskill enhanced a new product. Her son helped her arrange a weight loss plan (he is now a medical doctor) and she lost the weight. Belly Buster Diet offers a home-party business opportunity to those wishing to spread weight loss tips and products. What They Offer The company provides products and services, via its representatives, to those looking for weight loss solutions. Their products include cook books, weight loss nutriment, body wraps, protein drinks, and even food and desserts. They also offer dressings, teas, digestive enzymes, and products for multiple uses like water bottles and blenders. Their herbal supplement Appetrim is a demanded choice, retailing for $48. It is meant to suppress appetite by blocking sugar and fat absorption, and facilitating metabolism. An added benefit, they claim, is reduced probabilities of colon cancer. So how does the opportunity work for reps? Creating Money With Belly Buster Diet The company is based around home parties, like Mary Kay or Tupperware parties we’re all familiar with. They invite friends, relatives, co-workers, and neighbors, and show them the tricks of the Belly Buster Diet. Reps provide samples, and sometimes host parties to show potential clients the "Body Wrap" technique used as a weight loss solution. The representative then acts as an advisor to new clients, suggesting various products and foods to get started with weight loss. New clients keep in touch through phone or email, and they can re-order products straight from the website. This is meant to hep the reps, who don’t have to deal with inventory or overheads. They take a bonus from each sale instead. Consultants get discounts on products they use for themselves, and also receive commissions from products that their downline sells. The parties are also hosted to recruit new representatives for the company, and add them into downlines. Although Belly Buster Diet sounds like an MLM business, they claim it’s not. On their "About Us" web page, the company asserts itself as a layered distribution organization, "designed to be easily managed and paid off on what is traditionally considered part-time employment but can equal full-time pay." The compensation plan is similar to Mary Kay’s. Although there’s not much facts about how to get started with the program, or the initial fee, probable reps can call them for an information packet. The health and nutrition field is a saturated, yet growing market. So how can new reps know exactly which opportunity is right for them? The Bad News Belly Buster Diet isn’t a global opportunity. A big issue with the company lies in their marketing strategy. They expect their reps to host parties with their friends, and convert them into sales. The problem with this is that friend groups aren’t necessarily a good target market. What if your friends aren’t overweight? What if they’re not looking for health solutions? Also, the market will dry up directly. Even the most popular people aren’t going to be able to create a viable, full-time, long-term profit business by selling to friends and family. The resources for sales just aren’t there. Before deciding into an opportunity like this, it’s crucial to look at the marketing strategies you can use to truly scale a business. New reps need to learn about how to add hundreds of reps to their downlines using up to date techniques, not hosting parties. The internet is your best ally. Through a great web presence and proper SEO techniques, anyone can create a viable business with a large downline. It just requires taking that time to learn about growing a company before you jump into an opportunity like Belly Buster Diet. Toby & Layla wrote this Belly Buster Diet Review for people looking into the company. Sadly, most Belly Buster Diet distributors will never see the success they desire because they lack the marketing skills to generate sufficient leads for their company. To learn how you can generate more leads than you can get to, visit Toby & Layla’s MLM Training 相关的主题文章:

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