Bicycle Touring With Children-kimi wo omou melodi

Cycling Parents around the world dream of heading out to see the world with their children. They’ll spend their days exploring the deserts of the Egyptian pyramids or gaze upon the dusty rose colored Taj Majal under a full moon. They’ll travel on buses, planes, trains, and donkey carts. But on bicycle? Exploring the world with kids on bikes? I have now cycled about 21,000 miles with my twin sons (now 12) in the past few years, and can tell you that traveling by bike may just be the best way to travel – even with kids! The bike allows you – indeed, it forces you – to get off the beaten track and see the tiny villages of the world. When one is traveling with a motor of whatever kind, you will skip over the small towns in order to reach the cities. But it’s the small villages in a country that can teach you about life in that country. Cities – for all their differences – are mostly the same. In today’s face-paced world, cities are increasingly generic; it’s the villages that still retain the character of the country, and the bikes allow us to get to know them. On bicycles, you are more in touch with Mother Nature. Without a protective layer of steel and glass surrounding you, you’ll feel every drop of rain and every subtle change in temperature. Our children truly understand the idea that altitude affects temperature and the tremendous forces of nature that have created mountains out of lowlands – they’ve pedaled over it! But more than that, by touring on bicycles, children learn important life lessons that will carry them through life. They learn to persevere through hardships – knowing they will .e out victorious on the other side. They learn there are times when only through teamwork can you achieve your goal. They learn that sometimes, the only thing you can do is put one foot in front of the other, set your sights on making it through the next 60 seconds, and f.e ahead. It is true that kids can learn all these lessons in other ways, but traveling on the bike is more fun! About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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