British media said the lack of imagination of financial innovation in Hongkong Shenzhen will catch u

British media said the lack of imagination of financial innovation in Hongkong: Shenzhen will catch up with the original title: British media said the lack of imagination in Hongkong financial innovation: Shenzhen will overtake the data figure: Hongkong. Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhang Yanhui Photo Reference News Network reported on November 12th   British media said, to encourage financial innovation, Hongkong lack of imagination but the attitude not supported by contrast, such as Shenzhen and Singapore city rivals much more aggressive action. According to the British Financial Times website reported on November 10th, a few months ago, Alibaba’s Cai Chongxin at a seminar in Hongkong on the financial strategy of Alibaba speak. When he asked for questions, the first one to raise his hand came from Hongkong’s Insurance regulator. "You said you were interested in Internet insurance," the official said. "I want to make sure you get the right license when you come to Hongkong." In the YouTube on the activities of the video, Cai Chongxin answered the audience refined and courteous clearly shocked Laughter: "if we really come to Hongkong, we will obtain a license, and seek your advice." However, just a few days ago, Cai Chongxin’s partner Ma criticized the HKEx listing rules, said it is designed decades ago, for real estate developers, banks, financial institutions and traditional retailers, but was not associated with start-ups and new business enterprises. Part of the reason for his criticism may be his own conflict with the local rules: Hongkong refused to release the ownership structure of Alibaba and modify the listing rules, so Alibaba eventually listed in New York. But his words still resonate with local investors. Similarly, a joint venture with a Alibaba based financial technology company in Shanghai says his company may consider setting up an office in Hongkong at some point. To his surprise, he soon received a message from another government official in Hongkong, reminding him of the need for a licence. He said the message he received was: "you are not welcome here." However, the financial technology company is likely to get a large investment in the next round of financing from Singapore companies, its valuation will be more than $1 billion. Reported that, for Hongkong, these cold exchanges between enterprises and regulators show that in terms of encouraging financial innovation, the Hongkong SAR government lack of imagination and little support. Hongkong has a competitive edge in the financial sector, but some warn that rival cities such as Singapore and Shenzhen are currently doing much more than Hongkong. Hongkong in the past to cultivate a lot of start-up companies, but later found that entrepreneurs moved to other places, often to the other side of Shenzhen, where human capital and physical space larger, more acceptable cost. For example, the world’s largest UAV company innovation was originally conceived in Hong Kong University Science & Technology, but now Shenzhen for home. In fact, Shenzhen has been more successful in attracting new economic companies than Hongkong, in part because of the large number of engineers in Shenzhen and the local government’s support policies. Shenzhen is not only the headquarters of Tencent and other Internet companies, but also the base of data mining and medical technology companies. Similarly, the use of Tech in Asia of CLSA data glory-land相关的主题文章:

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