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Build a strong foundation of transformation of Europe still 100000th cars officially delivered Phoenix car reviews "they are small youth, every car in Changan, are hard for them to change the quality of life." In Changan Auchan 100 thousand cars ceremony, Changan commercial vehicle division deputy general manager Liang Guangzhong will be 100000th cars delivered to Auchan car keys to pay a harmony of a family of three. In November 1, 2016, Changan is 100000th European car delivery ceremony in Nanjing, Changan factory, this important moment marks the Changan Auchan brand strategy transformation has taken a solid step. In fact, the pressure of the European Union in Changan and its own independent brands and joint venture brands, became the 2016 listing of nearly a hundred new cars, the first breakthrough one hundred thousand sales models, which also redefined the Changan speed". Changan HOFEN achievements in Changan HOFEN towards brand strategy transformation of a solid step at the same time, also for the next further in-depth transformation laid the cornerstone. "Auchan speed is not a coincidence, but accurate insight into the 7 car market based on Changan commercial vehicle division deputy general manager Liang Guangzhong said. Behind the 100 thousand cars is based on consumer demand, as the nation’s population policy contributed to the formation of China multi family structure, the rapid increase in catalytic 7 car market. Changan automobile in recent years to seize the three or four tier cities and the following, precise positioning of the 80, 90 after these small town youth consumer groups. This group of "small town youth" have their own way of life, they are accompanied by the Internet, intelligent technology development, grew up in the crowd, they have their own small business, has a more simple small world spheres of life, they get married too early, earlier set up their own family. These characteristics decide that they made more demands on 7 cars. The first strategic transformation products as Changan auto layout 7 multi-purpose fields, Changan HOFEN by Changan General Research Institute of Pang Jian, Zhao and Xu Chuntie and other countries thousands of experts led the team of experts on vehicle performance, NVH crash safety and CAE 12 level performance indicators, 326 level two performance indicators of overall control. At the same time, relying on the Changan global R & D system, interior and exterior decoration design of Changan Auchan completed by the Changan Italy design center and the Japanese interior design center, American R & D center experts on chassis chassis solutions to discuss and review, keep track of international cutting-edge technology trends, to complete the Changan vehicle manufacturing group. Compared to the current mainstream MPV market Baojun 730, Dongfeng scenery 360, Wuling Hongguang S, Wuling Hongguang S1 including a variety of Changan HOFEN hope to come for users, but also for the user to. However, the 7 market growth began to tighten, the data show that the sales growth rate of the 7 SUV models from 2015 to 76.4%, down to $37.3%. 7 MPV models grew by more than 20% last year, down to today’s $17.8%. At the same time, the major manufacturers are still optimistic about the 100 thousand level 7 car market growth potential, incoming increasing, the next 2-3 years will continue to increase new investment, market competition will become more intense. Face increasingly.相关的主题文章:

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