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Changan HOFEN new 6 version of the model to improve comfort of the Phoenix Automotive News the day before, we learned from the Changan commercial vehicle official, Changan Ou Shang launched a new version of the model 6, and has formally started to store sales. Currently to the store are 1.5L manual luxury configuration models, priced at 64 thousand and 900 yuan. The new version of the new version of the 6 models within the 2+2+2 seat layout, improve the ride comfort of the second rows of passengers. Compared with the 7 models, in addition to the difference in the number of seats above, there are second rows of seats sliding travel distance, seat foam, make adjustments on the design of the four doors to improve ride comfort. In the configuration, power and other aspects are consistent with the 7 models. 6 models of the middle seat by 3 to 2 seats, two seat passengers can access to the third row seat. Because of this at the third row entry mode, slide stroke second rows from 240 mm to 140 mm 7 seat adjustment. In addition, in the middle seat height, downward adjustment of 20 mm, 4 mm thickness of foam seat cushion, and increase the toughness of steel wire, the ride comfort optimization. Practical flexibility in the space inside the car is retained, if need to carry large objects, only the second row seat slide to the front of the third row seats can still be folded forward completely flat, loading space is very considerable. According to the Ministry of public security and the State Administration of quality inspection of the implementation of the annual inspection of the new deal, the following 6 cars (including 6 seater) small passenger cars, only every 2 years to apply for vehicle administration and the annual environmental protection mark line is examined once every 6 years, for the owners, save a lot of trouble. Changan HOFEN launched the 6 version of the model, bring more choices for consumers. It is reported that Changan is expected to launch a 5 seat version of Changan HOFEN models at the end of this year.相关的主题文章:

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