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Traffic-Building The most important key to success on the internet is Search Engine Optimization and website promotion. Which consists of link building,directory listings and shared link programs. We will discuss several important aspects of proper link building and web site optimization. Many of the techniques to achieve link optimization are free or at a small price to achieve the results that you desire. Do not fall into the trap of participating in automated linking schemes. These services promise thousands of low quality links to help your Google ranking. But they can be harmful and have a short term effect. Google may look at this as a way to try and manipulate the algorithm system and fool the search engines. The best way of attaining higher page rankings is by linking to high quality and high page ranked sites. This can be obtained by linking your site to directories and affiliate programs which Google recognizes as legitimate high page ranked sites. If Google trusts your website then it will be much easier to obtain higher ranking page status. Trust is a major factor in Google’s algorithm formula. The goal is to have a well optimized Google friendly site all the while increasing your link popularity to make your page more search engine friendly. The practice of obtaining high quality high ranked pages will dramatically move your page up from obscurity. These techniques can be accomplished with little to no cost if done properly. The writing of high quality articles and releasing press releases will accomplish this task at very little cost to you. It is time consuming but nothing worth anything ever comes easy or free. The theory behind articles is give the reader high quality info and newsworthy facts and this will be republished and picked up by many other sites, thus achieving link building and higher page ranking. Links play an important part to driving high quality targeted traffic to your site. Linking to Facebook or MySpace are highly recognized respected sites and will help to increase your page ranking and exposure on the world wide web. These sites play a important role in social networking and link building to optimize your site for web traffic. Google counts the number of links and the quality of links "page ranking" to determine how your site will picked up by search engines and ranked when a search is performed. Having high ranked links to site will have your page move up the search ranking and obtain better page placement. How would you like more traffic to your site and learn how to obtain more links and better page placement and ranking to your site ? For more info see url below to start capitalizing on using link strategies for increased web traffic. Kirk Douglas Forney-Author And Internet Entreprenuer If You Need Any Additional Info Or Need To Contact Me. I Can Be Reached At The Above Url. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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