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Food-and-Drink Party planners are always looking for the next best thing for their events all the time, no matter if they are green events, weddings or corporate parties. I recently came across great disposable dinnerware for green parties at a recent Los Angeles convention for party planners. VerTerra plates, bowls and trays are a disposable dinnerware product for green events. The dinnerware is stylish, eco-friendly disposable dinnerware made from fallen palm leaves. It is all natural, no chemicals or lacquers are used during production and the .pany promotes fair wage labor and sustainable production methods. They are a great choice for party planners to use at their green parties because after they are used, the plates can be placed in a .post heap or container and be returned back to the earth. The disposable dinnerware work with hot or cold foods, they are microwave-, oven- and refrigerator-safe, present a chic and elegant look to your table and fit into anyone’s eco-friendly lifestyle. More demands are made daily for party planners to create green events and using disposable dinnerware is an easy decision to make when considering green event items for your next event. Also, what many party planners are beginning to realize is how easy it is to incorporate the green movement within their corporate parties, weddings and private events. In my book, Budget Bash – Simply Fabulous Events on a Budget, I discuss how easy it is when producing events to reduce, recycle and reuse various .ponents of an event. Dust off those candles that you used for a previous engagement. People forget that many party items have lots of life for more than just one event. You can use a colored linen overlay over the same table linen you used at your previous event. Many times you can use a basic colored linen of black, silver or gold and then change the look and tone of the event with a new table runner or contrasting colored overlay linen on top of it. Caterers are also leaning more towards green events when working with party planners on their corporate parties, weddings and other affairs. More and more caterers now look to local suppliers and farmers to provide the produce and equipment for their event that in turn helps cut down on the event’s carbon footprint. Selecting food that is seasonal is another means caterers are using to help promote green events and looking to alternate methods of hors d’oeuvres without the use of paper napkins is also be.ing more popular. It’s not hard to produce green parties, it just takes a bit of thought, product exploration and flexibility. In fact, here is a fun green-themed cocktail party menu to consider for your next green party. Green-Themed Cocktail Party Menu Green Peppers, Broccoli and Asparagus Spears with Spinach Dip Artichoke Soufflé served with Sourdough Toasts, Vegetable and Whole Wheat Pita Chips Chipotle Chili Cheese Poppers Stuffed Grape Leaves Drizzled with Olive Oil Spinach and Mushroom Quiche Green Goddess Chicken Salad served in Lettuce Cups Dessert Fresh Honeydew Melon, Kiwi, Yellow Raisins & Berries served in a Watermelon Bowl Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies Green Apple Bites Covered with Caramel Beverages Mojitos Mint Iced Tea and Green Tea Many of these menu items can be bought already prepared at your local market or deli. The recipe for the artichoke soufflé along with other menus, recipes, party planning ideas and advice can be found in Budget Bash – Simply Fabulous Events on a Budget. So next time you think about green events, consider various aspects of the party – including menu, disposable dinnerware and theme to name a few. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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