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Software Microsoft Dynamics GP is very popular platform for mid-market Corporate ERP application, where you have robust set of Distribution modules. We should mention Inventory Control, Sales Order Processing, Purchase Order Processing, Bill Of Materials, Purchase Configurator. If your organization needs Warehouse Management, Build on Special Order, simple or even .plex Discrete Manufacturing likely you already know which Great Plains modules you need to deploy and implement. However, what is typically missing is Barcode scanning integration, barcode item label printing, or in other words you need to enable Dynamics GP transactions and user interface for Barcoding. In this small publication we will try to .e through Great Plains modules business logic and how it could be deployed in such systems as Warehouse Management, Supply Chain Management, Picking and Packing: 1.Classical Warehouse Management System functionality. Each business is unique to some extent, which enables you to .pete successfully on the market, however uniqueness should be implemented on the standard WMS functionality foundation. We would like to stress three parts of the Classical WMS. First is Sales Order Fulfillment on the Warehouse floor by picking and packing, or simply scanning inventory parts or merchandize by barcode scanner. Second merchandize or inventory replenishment through your receiving operations again on the warehouse floor via scanning. And the third part is Inventory Physical count, and transfers from one warehouse to another for anticipated order fulfillment, or simply to maintain re.mended minimal quantities for each local or regional warehouse 2.How WMS features are mapped to Great Plains functionality. Order fulfillment, sometimes referred as Order allocation is mapped to GP Sales Order Processing Order, where you select SOP Type without automatic line allocation (items will be picked by hand on the warehouse floor and scanned at this moment WMS client application on the barcode scanner will send allocated items and QTY to the Dynamics GP server). Inventory Restocking this is done in GP POP Purchase Receipts. You receive your parts or inventory items directly in the warehouse by scanning Packing Slip and then items in the unloaded cargo. Inventory counts and transfers are mapped to GP Inventory transaction 3.Warehouse Management System technology layers. WMS has the Server this is dedicated PC .puter, which talks to Dynamics GP Server via ODBC connection. Plus each Barcode scanner has its client WMS application, talking to the WMS server via RFID or wireless connection (in some cases WMS customers experiment and deploy tiny Windows Notebooks). WMS client is programmed in VB to minimize its .puter or barcode scanner resources consumption 4.SCM Extensions for GP. If you are looking for something crossing WMS functionality borders, we offer Supply Chain Management extensions, for example, Food ingredients consignment truck delivery routes optimization. Also we have numerous SCM add-ons, which we consider as Solutions, and we would like to hear your story and unique requirements to enable SCM feature in Dynamics GP either in Great Plains Dexterity custom module, or in eConnect integration, or possibly in WMS client application on the Barcode scanner directly 5.How to get further information. Please, call us 1-866-528-0577, 1-630-961-5918 or email us [email protected] Another good way would be to visit our booth at Convergence 2011 in Atlanta in April of 2011. Our video presentations are available on the Alba Spectrum website. We do not do aggressive email mass mailing marketing campaign, we prefer to educate our potential customer. If you are Great Plains Consultant, we encourage you to write articles on GP and publish them on Alba Spectrum web portal free About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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