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Web-Development There has been an escalated significance of WordPress website development in the recent times. This has been caused by the value that this platform has offered to website/blog owners as also the developers. One of the interesting aspects that might intrigue you is about the look and feel that you can give to your blog/website through WordPress. Once you install WordPress, the next step, in most cases, is to install a theme to make the blog or website look the way you desire. Going by regular practice, there are two options that you can explore in this case: 1.Purchase a theme 2.Install a free theme to minimize your cost The option that you select would depend upon your budget. There is, however, a third option too; but, it is seldom utilized. This option is of manual WordPress theme development. In other words, you (or your WordPress developer ) can develop a unique theme for your blog / website to give your visitors a unique experience. If you have some proficiency and acumen in using CSS and HTML, you can definitely try your hand at developing the theme. The most difficult part, however, is getting things started. One has to meticulously craft the first few steps and the rest of the part might flow smoothly. Here are a few tips that you can explore: Garner Knowledge: There is no substitute to knowledge. You have to understand all facets of designing your WordPress theme WordPress theme before you try your hand at it. There are various nuances that you need to know about WordPress blog development. The most important thing that you shouldnt miss is garnering knowledge about the difference between themes and templates. Your theme is the larger environment of your blog/websites look and feel while the templates are smaller parts of the theme. They are those elements which will stitch together the final theme. Layout: The theme of the website/blog has to be on the basis of the layout that you want it to possess. The layout could be unique or regular, depending upon your visualization of the way the final look should be. In general, a layout would consist of a header, footer, a side bar and the main content area. As mentioned, though, you can definitely decide to play around with the layout. Separate Files: Creating separate template files for each facet of your layout is the next step that you need to indulge in. You can use text editors to do so. You would need such PHP files as index.php, header.php, footer.php and sidebar.php. Here, you can make the necessary changes as and when you need. These steps would, however, not .plete your website. There are many other elements that would be involved in WordPress website development. These initial steps would, however, at least get the ball rolling. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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