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UnCategorized We may have seen these signs around our workplace many times. But not many of us would have given it due credibility. However, when in need, we panic trying to remember where we have seen it. Yes, you are right. I am talking about exits and fire doors. In this topic, we will be covering fire exit equipment. I am aware that these terms may sound funny to you. But, read on, you will be surprised how helpful it will be. A dorgard is a battery operated fire safety device. This device is connected to the fire safety alarm system. This device is fixed to the back of the fire door and will be shut when the fire safety alarm system is sounded for more than 14 seconds. This will ensure that the fire does not spread and protects employees present in the building. This safety device will not ruin the interior design of your building at all. It is available in many colours and finishes and it will be seen as part of your interior design. Maintaining a dorgard is also very easy as it only requires changing of the batteries and the rubber foot once a year. The purpose of fire exits is to let people escape during an emergency. However, if the fire exits do not have the necessary safety equipment present, it may encourage trespassers to your organisation. There are two simple options to this problem. The first solution is that you could adopt the .mon Break Glass for Key. This means that you lock the fire exit door and place the key to the door in a glass key box with a hammer beside it. As such, you will be alerted when someone breaks the glass key box for no rhyme or reason. The second solution would be the panic bolt. The panic bolt works in a similar way to the Break Glass for Key. But in this instance, the person is to break the glass using the attached hammer before reaching for the panic bolt. I am sure that as an employer you would want to protect both your employees and your building. It is still not too late to invest in these products. These products can be easily purchased within just a few clicks of your mouse. Alternatively, you could get your engineer to re.mend you a few fire safety products that are ideal for your building. Get cracking right away! About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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