FIA F4 moved to Shanghai Kumho tire, fierce fighting in the rain alienware m17x

FIA F4 moved to Shanghai Kumho tire FIA F4 Chinese back the rain fighting Championships in Shanghai, a heavy rain is so fierce competition on the track of brilliant! In September 11th, ShangHai Railway Station twelfth round tournament kicked off at the Shanghai international circuit in the field, after 8 laps of the track water contest, Beijing team Ai Chenjun won the mansory race champion, UMC team Bruno finished second, also from the forest in Tai’an is the team mansory with perfect overtaking technology third. The drivers with the same outstanding performance, as the FIA F4 China Championship exclusive supplier of Kumho tire tire, outstanding performance in the rain in the war also has been recognized by the competitors, the team is the rain fighting considerably! Bid farewell to the hot days, the FIA F4 is to manufacture long rain war new problems. Fortunately, all players are prepared, ECSTA W700 put on wet tyres all event exclusive tire supplier for Kumho tire, tire of this single guiding symmetrical design, designed for rain track dedicated to create, can effectively improve the drainage performance of tire in the water environment, the design of sizing formula and special structure can make the tire carcass to adapt to the rainy conditions. From the high temperature before the challenge to today’s rain test, Kumho tires in FIA F4 court always can cope, "regardless of the weather, Kumho tires will use the best quality, help the driver to get good grades." Kumho tire relevant responsible person said in an interview. This also allows FIA F4 young drivers to be able to control the best racing arena. Especially at the Shanghai International Speedway, the overall shape like "track design" has become a symbol, but more important is that since the beginning of 2004 here is the world of formula one (F1) of the game. F1 tournament director Charlie · whiting was evaluated, "this is a most difficult, high content of science and technology, the function of the whole F1 track, the car and the driver’s driving skills are great test". Because of this, FIA F4 Chinese Championship ShangHai Railway Station to participate in the race car drivers are full of expectations, after all, this is the dream of every formula car racing track, but also the ultimate goal of their struggle. Belong to the FIA FIA F4 tournament was also F1 game conveying numerous outstanding racer, it is through F4’s temper, provided the impetus for the driver into their career.     2016 FIA F4 China Championship ShangHai Railway Station has been successfully completed, and the final race of the season will be launched in Zhuhai in November 13th. Then, the long-awaited annual championship will reveal the answer, Kumho will tire with drivers, the team and the fans and friends to witness this moment of glory!相关的主题文章:

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