Fiji was hit by a super hurricane, causing at least 3 deaths and curfew across the country-3u8813

Fiji was hit by a super hurricane, causing at least 3 deaths nationwide curfew, original title: Fiji was super hurricane struck at least 3 people were killed, the national curfew, super hurricane "Winston" blew Fiji, the country declared in the scourge. Beijing, February (Xinhua) 21, according to The Associated Press reports, super hurricane "Winston" recently blew fiji. So far, according to the latest statistics of Fiji authorities, 3 people have been killed in this natural disaster. Reported that Fiji National Disaster Management Office officials said, 2 of them were killed due to housing collapse, and the other 1 deaths are unknown, the authorities are still investigating. It is reported that the hurricane Winston of class 5 winds up to at least 285 kilometers per hour, and the gust wind speed is more than 300 kilometers per hour. Hurricanes also bring torrential rains and waves. Fiji Prime Minister Bainimarama said that the country was the worst hurricane. The government has imposed a curfew throughout the country, and has provided more than 700 evacuation shelters for the country’s 900 thousand residents. It is reported that the hurricane has struck the main island of Fiji, and moved westward in the evening of 20 local time to 21 morning. Reported that the hurricane blew trees, damaged houses, resulting in power outages. At present, many communications have been interrupted and flights have been cancelled. Fiji has always been an international tourist attraction. The impact of hurricanes is yet to be assessed. Editor in chief: Ni Zijian

斐济遭超强飓风袭击致至少3死 全国实行宵禁   原标题:斐济遭超强飓风袭击致至少3人遇难 全国实行宵禁    超强飓风“温斯顿”吹袭斐济,该国宣布处于天灾之中。   中新网2月21日电 据美联社报道,超强飓风“温斯顿”于近日吹袭斐济。而到目前为止,根据斐济当局的最新统计,已经有3人在此次天灾中遇难。   报道称,斐济国家灾害管理办公室官员表示,其中2人是因房屋坍塌被埋身亡,另1人则死因不明,当局还在调查中。   报道指出,5级飓风“温斯顿”的风速达到至少每小时超过285公里,阵风风速超过每小时300公里。飓风还带来暴雨和巨浪。   斐济总理姆拜尼马拉马表示,该国受到最严重的飓风袭击。政府在全国范围内实施宵禁,并已为该国90万居民准备了700多处疏散避难中心。   据悉,目前飓风已经冲击了斐济主岛,并在当地时间20日晚到21日早晨向西移动。   报道称,飓风吹断大树、损坏民宅,导致停电。目前多地通讯中断,飞机航班都被取消。   斐济一直是国际旅游胜地。目前飓风造成的影响尚无法评估。 责任编辑:倪子牮相关的主题文章:

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