Finding A Quality Web Content Writer 10 Reasons Why It Pays To Pay

For a long time now, the Internet has been losing value as an information source. Marketers bought into the idea that if they pay a cheap web content writer to put something (anything) out on the web and put up a website people will .e buy from them. But times are changing, and now more than ever it’s important to put out that extra dollar for a savvy writer who knows what they are doing. Here are 10 reasons why it is vital to pay extra for a quality web content writer when outsourcing your writing content. 1. Google is Changing–As we all know, there is a lot of junk out there on the internet. A lot of rehashed material that may not have even been that great in it’s original state, and then you put it in the hands of a non-native English-speaking writer, and what you get is a sad excuse for entertaining, informative content. In fact, most Internet marketers never expect anything more. As mentioned before, they just want content and links. They just want traffic. And in the past this has worked somewhat–but Google is improving. Some Internet marketers are really starting to bite their nails as the search engines get better at recognizing natural content that adds to value of the web and penalize everything else. And what is going to happen to all that content out on the web when Google really figures it out–all that content that was thrown together just to please a search engine that despises being catered to in the first place? I’ll tell you what’s going to happen. It’s going to be.e worthless, and all the traffic it did generate is going to disappear. 2. Reliability–It always amazes me when people hire a web content writer for $5 an article then wonder why they didn’t get their articles on time if at all. Let’s face it–when you pay bottom dollar, you’re not only getting a low quality web content writer, you’re getting people who just don’t have an understanding of how this business works. Solid, professional writers can charge what they can because they have built a reputation. In this business, reputations are built on deadlines and results. 3. Human Nature–Are there high quality writers out there who will work for bottom dollar? Of course there are. Scour freelance sites long enough, put a couple ads in classifieds, and eventually you’ll find someone who is just as good for a fifth of the price–especially in this economy. But here’s what happens. The writer will eventually realize the value of their work and raise their rates. Or, since they are not business savvy, they’ll start pumping out articles faster and faster, trying to get more done in the same timeframe. Because it’s the only option their business approach allows. The end result is yet another low quality web writer. 4. Building a Relationship–You can’t expect to build trust with someone who knows you’re paying them pennies. You’re always going to be having to check the integrity of articles, running them through Copyscape, and checking up on your writer to make sure things are getting done. 5. Reader Relationship–Whoever spread this myth that traffic equals sales is insane–not to mention broke…Proper internet businesses are built on trust–by establishing a relationship with clients and readers. Never forget the humanity of your readers. They came there to be informed and entertained, and if they don’t get that, another site is just a click away. 6. Reader Trust–On a similar note, your readers must trust you. Even for just a basic .pany website, do you really think someone is going to buy from you if your website has grammar mistakes and spelling errors? Would you buy from a brick and mortar .pany who couldn’t spell anything right? Probably not unless they were your only option. At every single point of public interaction, you need to appear professional. It’s funny how people see this as .mon sense on the streets but don’t realize the same on the internet, where what you post is permanent. 7. Readable Content–I don’t want to pick on the non-native English-speaking writers too much. It can’t be easy to grind out articles in another language. But the truth is only native-speakers can fully understand the nuances of the language. Even if they are so fluent they never make errors, there are certain things they write that just won’t make sense to American or British readers. Period. Jokes fall flat. Metaphors are flimsy. Cultural references will be off. 8. Not Just Another Employee–Successful outsourcing should be just that. Outsourcing. You’re don’t want another employee. What you need is an independent contractor who knows the business inside and out and is going to take care of themselves–or better yet, take care of you. 9. Takes Pride in their Work–People who get paid what they are worth take pride in their work–they see themselves as craftsmen. Some are so good at writing copy that converts into sales they can charge thousands of dollars for a single email. Do you think their clients would continue to pay this if it weren’t a solid business investment? 10. Additional Services–A solid writing professional gets paid enough to invest in their own business and they know their best bet in keeping customers .ing back is by offering more services their customers need. From building Google link wheels to advanced article submission services to captivating email marketing programs, a savvy web content writer can take you to a whole new level. The bottom line is that outsourced content is an investment. The old idea that making a business successful requires cutting costs, at all costs, is flawed and has resulted in the failure of countless small businesses and multi-national corporations. You have to make more money on the other end–by increasing profits. How do you do that? Provide a higher quality of information, of course. When you think about it like that, it’s really just .mon sense to pay more for a high quality web content writer. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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