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French Chinese repeated violent attacks "money timid" – Beijing needs to change the image of Chinese in France just in Paris held a "safety requirements against violence," demonstrations at the beginning of September, they also carry out more large-scale demonstrations. According to the Chinese people, they were enraged because they were considered "weak but rich", and they became a special target for violent attacks. Chinese in Paris was robbed had not news, media reports can be traced back to 15 years ago, but the situation seems to be more and more serious, the typical event is the latest of a Chinese have been robbed of death. Chinese hold high the slogan to express the demands of security. (France, "European Times" Huang Guanjie photo)   a local Chinese community official said, the situation is in the transition from the potential racism to conventional racism". 10 years ago, a Jewish phone salesman kidnapping murder, because the suspect that "the Jews are very rich, the events that rocked the nation of France, the president, the prime minister to attend the farewell ceremony, after the security problems of the Jews nature more attention. Today, due to the impact of traditional anti Semitism and Islamic state terrorist attacks, the security situation is not good French Jews, but in terms of how to protect their own interests, the Chinese need to learn from them is still a lot of. Organizers: "I want you to approve the demonstration, you do not allow me to demonstrate" Chinese in France 21 days in Europe from Villiers demonstrations, reflecting the deterioration of existing state of life in china. The northeastern suburbs of Paris City, due to the poor state of public security, a number of rogue criminals in succession for Asian Americans, especially Chinese start, and ultimately led to the Chinese were robbed Zhang Zhaolin head was hit and killed. Following the August 14th demonstrations of hundreds of Chinese, in August 21st the Chinese held 2000 demonstrations. The organizers of the protests is the European city of the Chinese Human Rights Association, President of the association of Cao Huaqin on the "Global Times" reporter said, according to the Chinese and Asian criminals to start, this phenomenon has been going on for years, but recently intensified. According to Cao Huaqin, as early as 5 years ago, they combined with some concern to the Chinese collective interests of the people, the establishment of the Chinese Human Rights Association, aims to help the victims to report, lawsuit, made of various aspects of assistance, and the Bureau of municipal government, the provincial government at all levels of the police, pressure, ask them to take practical action to improve security, but no substantive effect. Cao Huaqin said that in March this year, they organized the Chinese activist center. This is a practical operation of the body, with a small rescue team, you can help victims in real time alarm, complaints. If people are looting, can immediately contact them. The association also urged the Chinese a strong response to the robbery theft, don’t be afraid to fight resolutely and criminals, so as to curb the arrogance of criminals. After the establishment of the center, the frequency of robbery and theft of various types of local robbery has changed a lot: before at least 5 days a day from the beginning of the day, and then dropped to 1 per day, or even a few days together. But can not completely stop the criminals to start the chinese. Cao Huaqin told the "Global Times" reporter, after the incident, the Chinese are very angry, he [Zhang Zhaolin]相关的主题文章:

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