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Domain-Names If you are starting up an online business, make sure that you have made a domain name registration first, to give your company the license to be known and have exclusivity. Basically, a domain name is a unique address on the web that you can buy for your web site through a domain store. It can contain the name like .mybusiness.., which you can employ to refer to your own website. Remember you dont have to be an organization or a big .pany to register the domain name. In fact, anyone can do it. Getting your domain name includes registering the business name that you desire with an organization called ICANN through the domain name registrar. For instance, if you have chosen mybusiness.., you need to proceed to the registrar, pay a particular registration fee that will give you the right or ownership of that name for one year. You have to renew it annually with the same amount per year. Domain registration involves a lot of process. There are web hosts that will register it and pay for the name without asking any amount. This is only applicable for the .mercial web hosts, while there are others will do it for you but you need to pay for the ICANN fees. However it is re.mended to register your business domain name directly to a domain name registrar instead of putting it to a web host as it deprives the owner to carry its own name because it will appear that the web host owns it. If you register your domain name to a DN registrar, you can rest assure that you are registered as the owner, the technical contacts and the administrative as a whole. Being the domain owner is important, so work on that. To register domain name, here are some of a few instructions that you should bear in mind before you act. Choose a domain name Think of some names that you think might be right for your business. Make sure to .pile many names. Dont think of only one as it might be already taken. Create a credit card account When registering, you will need a credit card, but a PayPal account will do. This is used to pay for the domain. Most domain registrars requires to have credit card accounts which also allow the owner to claim and at the same time get a domain name instantly on an application. And this is not an option. Obtain web host names If you have a web host, take the names from their primary and secondary name servers. Save the information somewhere. Such information is found on their FAQS or from the other sites documentation usually under the domain name category. But if you cant find it, you can just email the web host. Park your domain name If you dont have a web host yet, you can allow the registrar to park your domain name in a temporary website specially made for you. After you have successfully registered your domain name, what next? If you are not sure what to do, you can read the beginners guide found on the web. Once you have decided about registering your name, do not procrastinate or else you will lose more than one of your domain name in a day. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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