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Business You say you want to be happy, but what have you done about it lately? I constantly hear people say things like, Ill be happy when I buy the house of my dreams, get that next promotion, feel better, etc. Or, As soon as I find the right man, go on vacation, retire, then Ill be happy. Thats a bunch of crap. These and other stupid statements just like them make your happiness dependant on someone or something else. STOP it. Stop it right now. Youre giving your power to be happy away. Youre constantly in a state of chasing happiness and never ever having it. Heres my take on happiness quit chasing it and BE it. Just be happy. I know, I know the next thing out of your mouth is, But Deborah, how can you expect me to be happy with all my financial problems, health issues, relationship upheaval? Guess what, you can always find an excuse not to be happy. Life is full of things that will get you feeling sad, upset or ticked off. Thats life. Sometimes it sucks get over it! You can live in the constant state of pursuing happiness or just find something to be happy about. Sound simple? Maybe too simple, well its not. Heres the deal. The whole Law of Attraction thing is real. What you say, think, focus on and believe in be.es your reality. Whos the boss of you anyway? Do you hear those negative thoughts floating around in your head, tearing you down and telling you, you cant, youll never, what if? Well guess what? Whether youre conscious of it or not, youre listening to those thoughts and they are effectively sabotaging your efforts to get ahead. Think of it this way. If your clothes are stinky, dirty, too small and make you feel inferior how long would you wait until you finally did something to get rid of them and find the clothes that reflected who you are or who you aspire to be? If you stay in the ragged clothes, thats your choice. And, you get to live with the consequences that .e with looking like a bum and feeling small and restricted. Its the same with your self-defining negative thoughts. You must be.e restfully aware of these thoughts. You can shred the old and in with the new. Tell the old thoughts to shut up so you can suit up for success, growth and happiness. Recognize whats true and get rid of the rest. I often hear the same put-downs from my highly intelligent, successful and amazing clients, Im not smart enough, Im not good enough, Im not worthy of the success Ive achieved or I feel guilty about my wealth. Its time to make a choice. Stay stuck in the oh poor me, my life is so bad, Ill never have what they have way of thinking (and guess what youre right)! Or, find something, anything to be happy about and build on it. Once you be.e aware of and identify your stinky, smelly, small thoughts you can upgrade them just like picking new clothes that better suit you. It may sound a bit absurd, but youve gotta start somewhere. Build the muscle, the habit, the foundation. How would you walk, talk, look, feel, act and dress if you were happy. Be that! Did you know your logical mind, when teamed up with your creative mind, can accelerate your innovation and success? Its true, your mind and body do not know the difference between whats imagined and what is literally experienced. When you visualize the person you aspire to be or the promotion, or whatever it is you crave, you begin to visually rehearse the steps to your success. So, change your thoughts. A feeling of happiness brings more things to be happy about into your life. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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