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Travel-and-Leisure For an inexpensive midday meal or ‘la .ida’ be alert for restaurants serving Menu of the Day, which .es in a set price as a 4 course meal and often includes a beverage. Offers are usually displayed on blackboards located outside and inside the restaurants, with prices ranging from around 6 EUR at corner snack bars to 25 EUR at high-class restaurants. Desserts including a glass of wine or tea are often included too. One of the best meal deals in town is to be found at Moaz, serving authentic falafel and healthy Middle Eastern fare they have a set meal .plete with Belgian fries, a drink and unlimited salad toppings, all for just for 5 EUR. You could do with familiarising yourself about a few things before going out to eat in Barcelona. To begin with check if the price includes a value added tax as it can increase your bill by an additional 7 percent. Certain restaurants may serve you wine and water for free, but it never hurts to ask what the price includes before sitting down. An afternoon siesta is normal throughout Spain which means that restaurants and stores are generally closed for the early part of the afternoon. Personal belongings should always be kept with you as light fingers are .mon, and it’s not necessary to tip if you don’t want to as many don’t bother. Certainly leave some coins on the table if you like but it is fine to leave nothing whatsoever. Preparing for any trip before you go makes a lot of sense as then you can look into museums, attractions and galleries that offer free entry and other .plimentary happenings in the city. The multitude of museums available here means there is bound to be some that are free to visitors, if not then check them on a Wednesday or Sunday as these are generally the free days. The Picasso Museum for instance, is only .plimentary to take pleasure in every first Sunday of the month, every other day it holds guided tours included in the price of the Museum’s entrance fee. The MACBA, its proper name is the Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona, often offers .plimentary workshops in one of its lecture halls. It’s Study Center, Library Reading Room and Special Collections Room ac.modate a collection of books, publications and archives that are offered to the general for free use. The best art isn’t necessarily to be found in the museums of course, there are plenty of statues, monuments and works of art around the city itself, Parc de la Crueta del Coll, Fundacio Joan Miro Musuem and the illuminated Font Magica are just some of the places you’ll find wonders to admire. Amongst the largest parks is Parc de la Ciutadella, excellent for leisurely strolls around the extensive grounds, whereas Parc Guell will excite your mind with its enchanted carved figures and range of bizarre creatures making this a pure delight equally for the young and old. Designed and built in the 1900’s by Antoni Gaudi, the parks sculptures are strongly influenced by forms of nature and it really is vastly different to anything you can imagine for yourself. Modern-day buildings strive for attention next to old, historical ones, and standing proudly upright and stiff catching the attention of anyone who sees it is the bright skyscraper, The Torre Agbar, a creation from French architect Jean Nouvel. Its shape has earned it many suggestive and provocative nicknames and reasons why it’s be.e a city landmark. You don’t need to rob a bank to take a short break in a city like Barcelona as there are hordes of places to call into that are affordable or free to view and will give you a taste of the place, as well as reasonable appartement barcelone to rent at good prices if you want to get value for your money whilst still enjoying this extraordinary place. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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