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15 Home Safety And Security Tips Posted By: Robert Siciliano There AND rsquo;s always a perfect time to assess your home AND rsquo;s safety and security. Do you employ all of the following practices? Make sure your house AND rsquo;s roofing is fire resistant. If not, get it remodeled. Not only should you have smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, but you should also regularly inspect them for lint and dust buildup. Plus, they should all be integrated, so if one goes off in the kitchen, the ones in the bedrooms and even basement get triggered. If your mailbox isn AND rsquo;t one that locks, get one, so this way you won AND rsquo;t be leaving outgoing mail with sensitive information sitting in an unlocked box. If you need an extension cord for an outside appliance, make sure it AND rsquo;s one that says: AND ldquo;Suitable for Use with Outdoor Appliances. AND rdquo; Never leave any stickie notes on your door saying you AND rsquo;ll be back in a few minutes AND hellip;even if you AND rsquo;re expecting a delivery. Know that if there AND rsquo;s a power outage, the food in your freezer will last for up to 48 hours. Have a backup generator or only stock up on dry/canned goods. When you AND rsquo;

home safety 15 Tips To Keep Your Home Safe During The Holiday Season Posted By: Robert Siciliano Most people don AND rsquo;t like that AND ldquo;fall back AND rdquo; time change every November, but you know who does? Burglars. Burglars love to AND ldquo;fall back AND rdquo; because it gives them more time to practice their criminal activities thanks to the earlier veil of darkness. This is also a convenient time for them as the holiday season is upon us and most people have a lot of newly purchased gifts in our homes. Perfect bait for burglars. In general, most homeowners will take precautions around Christmas time to prevent fires due to Christmas lights, yet they do not take extra security measures to prevent home robbery. Though fire prevention is certainly important, your home is far more likely to attract the eyes of a burglar than to go up in flames. So, here are 15 ways that you can keep the burglars away: Keep doors locked at all times. This is true even when you are home, and even when it AND rsquo;s light out. Keep your windows locked, even those on the second floor. Burglars DO have climbing skills. Use door reinforcements and top-flight locks. Keep the curtains and blinds closed.

door locks 44 Tips To Protecting Your Home From Danger Posted By: Robert Siciliano There are enough tips on how to protect your home to make a professional burglar dizzy. In no particular order, check them out: Get a peephole. If you don AND rsquo;t have a large dog, make it look like you do, but don AND rsquo;t be obvious. A worn, large leash draped over an outdoor chair would be more convincing than a large food bowl near your door. Put a beware of dog sign in the back (front is too obvious a ploy). If there AND rsquo;s not a man in the house, leave out an old pair of men AND rsquo;s work boots or tool box on the front stoop. Keep doors locked at all times. Never leave the garage door open unless you must pass under it. Never leave a ladder outside. Place a real or fake video surveillance camera above the front door where anyone can easily see it. Get a security system that includes motion detecting lights at all entry points. Make sure no shrubs conceal windows. Plant thorny bushes by windows. Stash what valuables you can in a sock inside your child AND rsquo;s bureau (burglars rarely check children AND rsquo;s rooms). For other valuables, store in a fireproof safe.

home alarm What Kind Of Home Security System Is Right For Me Posted By: Robert Siciliano Burglars don AND rsquo;t usually depend upon the light of the moon to break into homes; they depend on the daylight AND mdash;because that AND rsquo;s when they know most homes are empty! The kids are in school, the adults are at jobs or shopping AND hellip;duhhh, even a halfwit burglar knows this is an opportune time! Therefore, you should get a home security system that AND rsquo;s designed to repel robbers in both the dead of day, not just night. This includes while you AND rsquo;re home. And when you are home, a burglary turns into a AND ldquo;home Invasion AND rdquo; which often turns deadly. You may be sick in bed. You may be home telecommuting. Or maybe you have a weekday off. Maybe you work a night shift and you AND rsquo;re home during the day. Are your kids home by themselves after school? Is Gramps there by himself? Do you travel frequently? Figure it all out and then investigate which home security system fits your lifestyle. A home security system isn AND rsquo;t just the alarm that shrieks when someone tries to break in. It can be a pendant that Gramps wears in case he falls. It could be remote monitoring of your latchkey kids.

home burglary Promote Child Home Safety Posted By: Robert Siciliano A recent controversial SuperBowl commercial from a major insurance company depicted a young boy who died as the result of numerous preventable household accidents such as poising and falls. The commercial got lots of traction via social media. Although it was presented tactfully, many people didn AND rsquo;t approve. The truth hurts and sometimes isn AND rsquo;t pretty. However the message was clear; so many child deaths are preventable! AND ldquo;I AND rsquo;m home! AND rdquo; If your child is not reliable at notifying you they AND rsquo;ve arrived home from school, set up a real-time alert system. Home security/automation systems can assist with this. Don AND rsquo;t answer the door. Your kids should be under strict orders never to answer the door no matter what. Role play this with them; pretend you AND rsquo;re a stranger on the outside of the door, begging to use the phone for an emergency. Instruct your child that if someone AND rsquo;s crying help, to NOT open the door and instead dial 9-1-1. Smoke detectors. Have smoke alarms in the house and educate your kids about them. Carbon monoxide detectors. Newer smoke detectors are 2-in-1 carbon and smoke detectors. CO gas is odorless and invisible. Ingestion is painless. That AND rsquo;

home protection 13 Cheap Simple And Smart Ways To Secure Your Home Posted By: Robert Siciliano You don AND rsquo;t have to be wealthy to have a superbly protected home. You just need to have some common sense. Keep your doors locked overnight! Smoke blows through my ears and nostrils every time I read about someone AND ldquo;entering through an unlocked door AND rdquo; in the middle of the night and committing a sicko crime. This goes for windows, too. Rapists love to enter through unlocked windows. If you AND rsquo;re a big male bruiser with no children, and these things don AND rsquo;t scare you, then consider that you could still be up against a burglar with a gun to your head as you AND rsquo;re counting sheep. Keep doors and windows locked during the daytime when you AND rsquo;re home, too. Not all intruders operate in the dead of night. Keep the garage locked: always. Though some locks cost a lot more than others, we AND rsquo;re talking about door locks, not cars. If you want a $60 lock badly enough, this money will come out of the woodwork. Make your home looked lived in at all times. The BeOn smart lighting home security system is affordable and doesn AND rsquo;t have the month to month monitoring costs. Always keep the alarm on.

home alarm 20, Yes 20 Home Safety Security Tips Posted By: Robert Siciliano There are really so very many ways to protect and make your home safe as well as secure AND mdash;ways you AND rsquo;d never even think of, so here they are, as well as the classic ways that many people still neglect to implement. Big numbers. Make sure your house AND rsquo;s address numbers are very visible to EMS and firefighters. Fire attractants. Don AND rsquo;t let dried up brush/leaves accumulate on your property. Locks. Locks are worthless if you don AND rsquo;t use them, so keep all doors locked (with top quality systems) even when you AND rsquo;re at home in the afternoon. Bad habit. Rinse cigarette butts with water before discarding. Better yet, quit. Seriously, stop it. An occupied-appearance. Grass overgrown? Several newspapers scattered in the drive? Porch light on incessantly? Duhh, the occupants are out of town. Make your home look like someone is always there. Have someone mow the grass while you AND rsquo;re away, park their car in your driveway, collect your newspapers, etc. Lighting fixtures that are timed to go on and off will also help. Storage. Keep firewood and other flammable items away from your house. Treat unexpected visitors like a telemarketer. If the phone rings and you think it AND rsquo;

home safety Top 10 Preventative Security Measures For Your Home Posted By: Robert Siciliano How safe do you really think your home is? Lock the doors. This no-brainer doesn AND rsquo;t just mean when you AND rsquo;re gone all evening. It means during the daytime when you AND rsquo;re home. There AND rsquo;s no reason for doors to be unlocked when you AND rsquo;re inside the house. Does your lock consist of a deadbolt? Don AND rsquo;t rely on just a simple lock and key system. Think layers. The garage is also a door. Make sure it AND rsquo;s locked at all times. And if you think a skinny intruder won AND rsquo;t slip in through that AND ldquo;little crack AND rdquo; that the garage door is open by in the name of ventilating summer air, think again. Sometimes, the thief is a grade school child. Unplug the garage door when you travel. Charlie bars. Place rods in the tracks of your sliding doors to prevent them from being opened. Invest in AND ldquo;door reinforcement technology AND rdquo;. Google it. Alarm system. Do you wait till it AND rsquo;s bedtime to put the alarm on? Sociopaths can have an early bedtime. They AND rsquo;re not going to wait till you AND rsquo;re fast asleep to bust into your house. The alarm system should be on at all times.

home safety 10 Ways To Secure Your Home For Guests And Parties Posted By: Robert Siciliano The holiday season means an upsurge in home-based parties, and some parties can seem extremely innocent, like a Christmas tree decorating party. These events can get out of hand, even if you know all your guests. But sometimes your guests bring guests that are shady. It AND rsquo;s awful to even acknowledge this, but even people you know can steal. I can tell you firsthand, there are people who have come to my home that I personally would have never invited. And when something goes missing, it AND rsquo;s an absolutely horrible feeling. So here are a few tips for securing your home while you AND rsquo;re actually in it. The presence of liquor drives up the risk of criminal activity. Drunk people lose their inhibitions, do stupid things and if they AND rsquo;re predisposed to stealing, they AND rsquo;ll be even more tempted when their guard is down. Consider only serving beer and wine and leave the liquor in the cabinet. Put as many of your valuables such as jewelry and electronics in a locked safe and conceal the safe. Better AND ldquo;safe AND rdquo; than sorry.

home safety 14 Home Security Tips Before You Pack Up For The Holidays Posted By: Robert Siciliano The holidays are just about here, and so is your not-so-friendly neighborhood burglar. Burglars know that during the holidays, there are just more goodies to steal, and not only that, but there AND rsquo;s a lot of traveling away from home. During this time of year, homeowners need to be extra vigilant about protecting their property, and that includes making potential intruders think you AND rsquo;re home rather than away for the holidays. There are many ways to spruce up the security outside and inside your house: Most burglars get in through the front door, so equip this with a heavy duty deadbolt/lock system. Look for one that even has a built-in alarm and can be remotely controlled and activated. Nexia AND trade; Home Intelligence is the brains behind remote locking, unlocking and more. This home automation system allows you to control locks, thermostats, lights, cameras and even the new Linear Z-Wave Garage Door Controller, from wherever you and the internet happen to be. Lock or unlock your door from anywhere with your mobile device and receive text or email alerts when an alarm triggers or when specific codes provided to your kids or visitors are entered at the lock.

home safety Workplace Safety Facts Posted By: Gertrude Sidwell There is nothing material worth fighting in. The visits will also conducted by safety and fire operatives, ensuring that the process are usually handled as a professional. In accessory for all basic home safety tips, medical alert systems present a cost-effective option guide you seniors in a case where of falls, injuries or medical emergencies. Some exteriors will also remove lots of your maintenance requirements. If your brick was sealed, may to consider whether it is paintable directly or needs an additional primer. The caliber and bullet type are crucial in ascertaining what firearm was easy use in a offense. If the bullet is intact, police officers can determine the caliber by simply measuring who’s. Severely damaged and deformed bullets are weighed for the exact purpose of excluding some calibers but not for determining the exact caliber. For instance, the weights of .22 caliber and most.44 caliber bullets differ slightly. Many times, forensic scientists can find out whether the bullet has a jacket. If so, exactly what jacket? Causeing this to be determination helps you to identify the bullet type and ultimately the weapon type utilized with a identity theft.

energy saving tips Home Safety Tips For You And Your Loved Ones Posted By: Henry Gardner Once you purchase a property for you to enjoy, you shouldn’t forget to put safety on top of your list. There are several mishaps that can cause problems in your home but with caution, you can prevent them. After choosing from various house and land packages and you can finally live in your abode, make sure to add some safety features since there are different threats that may put you and your family in danger. For your peace of mind, you need to be sure that your loved ones are safe and sound; therefore, you should give the following tips a shot: Burglary You can’t really be certain about the security in your neighborhood. Protect your investments and your household by the following: 1. Make sure that all your doors have appropriate locks and don’t leave spare keys in predictable areas like under the rugs or potted plants. 2. Install a security system to easily detect if there are unknown people in your territory. 3. Keep your valuables, such as jewelry and cash in a safe; of course, it can’t be readily accessible. 4.

Geraldton property Security System Could Make Returning Better Still Posted By: Elmo Heim Nonetheless will including those other stuff in an additional price help your house be perhaps better? The answer then is a powerful sure. People additional features are made to help your house be safer, but since with everything, you will find expenses associated with which stability. You will have to evaluate if you need to spend the excess cash for the people added capabilities or just stick to the particular "free" system that you were fortunate enough to earn. A few with the next mistakes provides any door mat that you should would likely become thieves. Prevent these and you merely may get rid of the actual have to run some kind of home security program. You will find a plethora of possibilities thieves case a community to find susceptible houses. One of the ways that may be becoming more and more widely used among small crooks is always to impersonate any sales representative or even service provider after that walk via a neighborhood buzzing doorbells. If the burglar jewelry the same passing bell without answer 2-3 nights in a line he may believe the house is actually vacant.

home security systems wireless amazon Preventing Poisonings At Home: Safety Tips Posted By: Jack Taylor
Preventing Poisonings Tips To Keep Your Home Safe From Fire During The Holidays (and Year-round) Posted By: Pamela McCann As a homeowner or renter, a fire in your home can be one of the most devastating and deadly hazards you face. Here are some statistics from the United States Fire Administration: In 2010, 362,100 residential fires occurred in the U.S., resulting in 2,555 deaths, 13,275 injuries and more than $6.6 billion in property damage. As with any potential hazard, prevention is key. Here’s a checklist of steps you can take to keep your home safe from fire. Lighting and Cords – Never stack too many electrical items into the same outlet by using splitters, extension cords with multiple outlets, etc. – If an electrical appliance smokes or smells unusual, unplug it immediately and have it fixed or replaced. – Use bulbs of the correct wattage for all light fixtures. In the Kitchen – To extinguish grease fires, keep baking soda near your stove or range. Don’t use water, which will spread the flames. – Keep your stove’s exhaust fan and range hood free of grease. – Never leave cooking unattended. – Keep matches and lighters out of children’s reach. In the Laundry Room – Never leave home with the clothes dryer running.

home fire safety Top 10 Home Safety Tips For Seniors Posted By: Stefanie Jeanne

Tips for Seniors Electrical Safety Tips To Protect Your Home Posted By: Tina Gleisner When you handle most of the small repairs in your home, it is appropriate (or perhaps essential) that you would know the precautions to take when working with electricity. You need to turn off the power to a light fixture or appliance before you begin work. You also need to always test to make sure the power is really off as switches at the box can be mislabeled. Dont try to do anything if you don’t know how to do these things. When to Call an Electrician You should build a long term relationship with a licensed electrician, every homeowner should. When you know who to call in the case of an electrical emergency – it becomes easier to manage a problem. You could also schedule an annual visit from your electrician as part of your home maintenance strategy. By keeping track of these minor items like a light switch that crackles or a light fixture that doesn’t seem to want to go, you can fix it faster. Your electrician will check for faulty wiring and improper use of electrical appliances which could cause a fire, during their annual visit.

electrical dos and don’ts Denver Electrician Home Safety Tips: How To Make Your Home Safe For Your Children Posted By: hardcorelectric People often neglect the importance of electrical maintenance, repair and replacement in their houses. The risk of accidents for your family especially the children are greater if this is the case. Therefore, always make sure to seek the assistance of professional Denver Electricians for a regular checkup in the electrical system of your abode. Do not ever gamble on the security of your loved ones. The living room is where one usually relaxes and bonds with the entire family. And that is why it is necessary for you to do a routine checkup on the electrical wirings, outlets and appliances on the area. If the outlets have loose-fitting plugs, replace it immediately to prevent overheating and fire. Keep the wires and cords out of reach from the kids. Do not try to fix electrical issues on your own, call the expert technicians to handle them. Professional Denver Electrical Companies would absolutely not recommend installing outlets near the sink and faucet. We all know that water is a very strong conductor of electricity so to avoid accidents better take heed of the advice. Your kitchen should also be a safe place for the whole family and children.

electrical contractor Simple Home Safety Improvements Make Life Easier For Seniors Posted By: Stacey Hammel Aging can be an anxiety-ridden process for family members of elderly relatives, especially if the elderly person in question continues to live independently. What if they slip and fall or have another kind of medical emergency? Most seniors today, even where it is physically not possible, would prefer to stay alone and be independent rather than being a burden on their family. However, the perils of living alone, especially for one who is significantly older, are manifold, making it difficult to live alone. With falls and injuries prevalent amongst the elderly, prevention is definitely better than cure. Fortunately, there are several ways to help make your elderly relative safer at home. Here are just a few to help with their independent living. Improve Accessibility by Reducing Clutter Furniture, although a very important part of every household, can create problems for the elderly, especially if it is in excess. If a senior citizen has refused to stay with the family or live in a nursing home, preferring to live independently, it is important to ensure that the house where the person stays has minimal furniture. Moreover, the placing of the furniture should be such that it offers ample space for movement.

medical alert systems Home Safety Tips Posted By: Ghar Builder Home safety is the requirement of the modern time. Nowadays we all have mostly stayed out of your home. Which give a good chance to the burglary to do their works? Burglary always sees an opportunity to steal. We have very few people pay attention to home security. We are trying to save a little money and shield the home safety in danger. Is that right? What is the benefit of that few coins when the burglary theft the doubloon. So read this article how we can utilize the home security system to make our home unbroken. I share some basic Home Safety tips. Main Entry Gate: Use single main gate to enter into your home. This is very important for your home safety. Mostly people think more than one main gate make your reputation. This is not true I suggest you make a boundary around the home and use single main entry gate for every one. This is easy and more secure. Your main gate is build by some hard Mattel and use proper looking. You need to install some modern auto looking system. Install more than one security system into your main door.

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