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Automobiles Big cars’ tax rate has been largely increased, which is really bad news to those automobile lovers who are fond of the nice performance cars. However, the turbocharger technology gives these people new hopes to experience excellent performance. Turbocharger, on one hand, increases the output power of engines. On the other hand, it needs more careful maintenance than common engines. Here are several tips to help people maintain their cars. Firstly, spend more time to “warm” your car. After the engine started, please let it run idly for a while to warm the machine oil in the turbocharger so that the flowing property of the oil can be better and the turbocharger can get complete lubrication. Then the automobile can be driven on the road. This is extremely important in winter. Secondly, do not flame out the engine when the vehicle is stopped. After a long time high speed running, the turbocharger can not be shut down immediately. That is because when the engine is working, a part of machine oil is to lubricate the bearings of the turbocharger rotor and to cool down the machine. The oil pressure will suddenly drop to 0 and the machine oil supply will be also stopped if the engine stops abruptly. The consequence is that the heat in the machine can not be transmitted out and the turbocharger still works in high speed inertially, which causes the turbocharger shaft and shaft sleeve being locked, and this can damage shafts and bearings. So when you stop the car, please keep the engine idle running for a while to cool down the machine and slow down the turbocharger rotor. Thirdly, use high quality machine oil. Because turbocharger engine’s output power increase dramatically, the components of the machine have to bear higher pressure and temperature. The only way to cool down the machine and get the components lubricated is to use machine oil. So when people choose machine oil for their cars, they had better take the mechanical characteristics of the machine’s components into consideration. Based on these characteristics, choose the oil whose abrasion resistance, thermostability and stability are the best and most suitable for the engine. Lastly, if there is dust or oil on the outer edge of turbine supercharger, clean it immediately during cleaning the automobile. But be careful! Do not swash the water onto the engine when it is still hot so that the turbine supercharger will not be out of shape or even damaged because the water splashes on it. In a word, because the components in the garrett turbos are all of high precision, if there are any mechanical stoppages happened, please drive the car to the qualified garages immediately. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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