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Huang Yilin first kiss Joker screen five years ago works about on-line entertainment Sohu – Huang Yilin kissing Huang Yilin Joker "music arena" heavy on-line Huang Yilin Joker air kiss Sohu entertainment news by Huang Yilin partner Joker, Huang Ling starred in the "music arena" will come out in November 9th time and again. As with "hello" to join Joanne, "master", "campus Belle close cold we can not be sad" and many other hot IP to steady, youthful and beautiful appearance and solid acting and preparation of Huang Yilin by love, the audience’s attention, five years ago as the first touch movie works by ring a lot of loyal fans look forward to. "Rivers and lakes" on the rocks music reality, apart from leaving the campus after the dream story Art School of music, will also focus Joker, Huang Ling, Huang Yilin’s character between the cut and triangle chaos, shows the human nature through the kaleidoscope description of the shift in the relationship. Especially in a corner of Huang Yilin’s Zhou Mengmeng, this is a simple kind of girl, but tempted to open a Pandora’s box of the abandoned former boyfriend, in Oliver regret and guilt in the continuous ups and downs, with the heart full of characters between the interpretation of the story of contradiction. In addition, Huang Yilin was on the first appeared in the works with a kiss on the big screen, will carry out the "kissing" offensive to Joker. When this kind of "bad woman" Huang Yilin met him full of wit Joker will produce what kind of chemical reaction wonderful, played by Huang Yilin, Zhou Mengmeng and Chen Hao will explain how (Joker ornaments), Wang Jingjing (Huang Lingshi) triangular relationship between, how to re write the cliff Le Ma belongs to the story of his dream, let us wait and see!相关的主题文章:

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