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Medicine With blood pressure being high, also known as hypertension, there is increased propensity of heart disease as well as stroke. If a person is obese, alcoholic, smokes; all deadly combinations, then the person would be at-risk of suffering from hypertension. A systolic hypertension patients systolic blood pressure ought to be monitored and not so much the diastolic blood pressure. The reason being, as systolic blood pressure is monitored, it can be found out as to whether or not there are any early signs of terminal renal disease, heart failure, stroke and coronary artery blockages. High blood pressure has been identified as the primary risk factor among many that have been analyzed causing disability and even death that has led to life-years being lost. The danger of hypertension is that a person may have hypertension but may not even have the knowledge, similar to diabetes. As a matter of fact, almost a third of those with high blood pressure arent aware of it. There is only one way of knowing whether someone has high blood pressure and that is by checking regularly. Those who have close relatives who have high blood pressure are particularly at-risk. Therefore, they ought to be careful and monitor their blood pressure through regular check-ups. Laboratory tests have revealed that diagnosis and treatment of hypertension lessens the risk of outcomes from cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack, myocardial infarction, and incident stroke. There does not seem to be any specific lower limit for systolic blood-pressure. It has been observed that with an increase in the systolic blood pressure beyond a certain level, there is an increased risk of cardiovascular diseases. The documented evidence that is available from random samples under regulated trials of hypertension patients indicates that there are benefits of treatment of systolic blood-pressure to achieve a preset target. As there is a lack of data, therefore low blood pressure targets cannot be predetermined. It was found in a trial that Type 2 diabetes mellitus patients were equally susceptible to multiple massive cardiovascular attacks in their lifetime as they would be if they were to have a systolic blood pressure beyond the recommended lower limit. The occurrences of stroke however were comparatively lower beyond a certain level. Recently, a trial involved patients who had suffered stroke and a comparison was made between treatment for stroke and low systolic blood pressure and it was found that there wasnt much of a benefit to the patient even with the lower limits in relation to the likelihood of yet another stroke occurring. As far as hemorrhagic stroke is concerned, it was found that there was a huge benefit though. The premise is that, with an aim of low systolic blood-pressure and indeed if that goal is achieved then that would eventually lead to preventing complications that arise from hypertension for patients who arent affected by diabetes. If blood pressure is abnormally high, the symptoms are: Acute headache Exhaustion Vision Throbbing Chest Breathless Intermittent heartbeat Urine with blood Pounding in chest, neck, or ears Anyone with these symptoms should consult a renowned cardiac expert instantly. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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