I haven’t known in the school China nuclear aircraft carrier catapult is a long way to go in winpm

I haven’t known in the school Chinese nuclear aircraft carrier engage in electromagnetic launch is a long road map: after the exposure on the network technology to verify the 15 fighters catapulted off the front landing gear was improved thick recently, there is news that a suspected carrier based fighter f -15 in China’s first aircraft carrier catapult test machine completed catapult. Military experts said during an interview with CCTV, electromagnetic catapult can greatly improve the efficiency of aircraft carrier operations, reduce maintenance costs, but the ship still needs to pass the testing process before long. According to the "Global Times" reported that some analysts pointed out that the electromagnetic catapult "breakthrough" the f -15 fighter will be overloaded off, payload and combat radius can be increased, as a new type of carrier aircraft first flew. And early warning aircraft and other large platforms will also be able to take off from the aircraft carrier, is of great significance. The report also pointed out that the electromagnetic launcher can be regarded as a large electromagnetic railgun, it has the advantages of small size, on the ship auxiliary system requirement is low, high efficiency, light weight, low operation and maintenance costs and other advantages. Military expert Meng Xiangqing pointed out that the electromagnetic launcher is only half the volume of the steam powered catapult, can make the aircraft more efficient use of space. The power of electromagnetic launcher is larger and can be adjusted, not only can the ejection of large tonnage fixed wing aircraft can catapult uav. In addition, in improving the electromagnetic catapult for carrier operations efficiency at the same time, but also reduce the maintenance costs, with automatic control and monitoring system, labor costs can save nearly 30%. At present, only the United States the most advanced "Ford" class aircraft carrier equipped with electromagnetic catapult, the aircraft carrier aircraft daily takeoff vehicles can reach 290-310 times, 25% more than the "Nimitz" class aircraft carrier takeoff vehicles. Installation of electromagnetic catapult aircraft carrier, its combat radius, combat time and bomb load will be significantly improved. Military expert Li Li said, "Ford" class aircraft carrier is the third generation of nuclear powered aircraft carrier, and Chinese yet to solve the basic problem from conventional power to nuclear power development. On the electromagnetic catapult itself, one is still under test products and mature products also cannot be mention in the same breath, there is a long way to go. Li Li also pointed out that even if the master of the electromagnetic launch technology, electromagnetic catapult on the ship is not a simple installation process. Installation of electromagnetic catapult and the aircraft carrier jump aircraft carrier in the design and construction of a completely different, has closed the first domestic aircraft carrier has not installed electromagnetic catapult. In addition, the electromagnetic launch technology can really be applied to the aircraft carrier, but also need to go through a lengthy test process. According to the American experience, at least 400-500 ejection test is needed. The future of our country but also the need for early warning aircraft, electronic jammers and other models of the ship test, these tests all pass, in order to prove that the electromagnetic catapult has utility level. (Qiu Yue)相关的主题文章:

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