Installation and use of stainless steel hydrogenation reactor equipment and control instrument|Installation and use of stainless steel hydrogenation reactor equipment and control instrument

stainless steel hydrogenation reactor equipment and control instrument installation and use

The installation and use of

stainless steel hydrogenation reaction kettle is how, the installation and use of stainless steel of hydrogenation reaction kettle are as follows: (1)
, device: stainless steel hydrogenation reaction kettle should be installed in accordance with the explosion-proof requirement of operating room of stainless steel hydrogenation reactor, equipped with multiple stainless steel hydrogenation reaction kettle that should be placed separately, each of the two separated explosion-proof wall between the application of safety, each operation room shall be communicated to the outside channel and the outlet, when there is explosive medium should ensure good ventilation equipment or equipment installed in kitchen ventilation.
(2), after opening the package inspection equipment is damaged, according to the type of equipment according to the structure of the equipment installed, equipped with a check according to the packing list.
(3), a kettle body, a kettle cover installation and sealing: a kettle body and a kettle cover is made of stainless steel gasket seal, by tightening the main nut which are mutually pressed to achieve good sealing effect, tighten the nut to screw up the diagonal symmetry times gradually, uniform force, do not allow the kettle cover to one side to to achieve a good sealing effect, shall not exceed the scope of the tightening torque 40~200N.M tighten the main nut, if the use of low pressure, it does not need too to tighten the nut, to prevent the gasket being crushed or overload wear, kettle cover sealing surface should be the special care, every time before using the soft installation paper or cloth on the sealing surface to wipe clean, do not pay particular attention to the kettle body, a kettle cover sealing face scar.
(4), the valve and connecting pipe fittings, safety valve, temperature protection tube is installed by tightening to achieve the effect of sealing, the sealing surface of the arc connecting two no relative rotation of all connected parts in the assembly, shall apply lubricant or oil mixed with graphite, so as not to kill. The use of the valve: needle valve line seal, just gently turn the valve needle, pressing the sealing surface that can achieve good sealing performance, the prohibition of excessive force, so as not to damage the sealing surface.
(5), equipment after installation of nitrogen into a certain amount of pressure for 30 minutes, check for leaks, if there is leakage please use soap for pipeline, pipe leak out, off gas tight, again adding nitrogen pressure test, to ensure no leakage after the start of work.
(6), before starting to water jacket in a magnetic stirrer and a kettle cover between the cooling water and keep the water temperature lower than 35 DEG C, so as to avoid the magneticdemagnetization. When the cooling water cooling coil, available internal cooling, prohibit cooling to prevent excessive thermal stress caused by the cooling coil, the kettle body crack.
(7), explosion-proof safety valve adopts arch type metal blasting piece, made of stainless steel with PTFE diaphragm manufacturing, according to the national standard GB567-89 "arch type metal blasting technical conditions", the factory has a good test, not free to adjust. If the explosion is to be replaced, the replacement period of the explosion-proof membrane is determined by the unit in accordance with the actual situation of the unit.

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