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Jacky Cheung World Tour Concert in Beijing October propaganda "fast ticket!" [Abstract] the humor please: "don’t be fooled by this movie, we a lot of concert tickets, please hurry to buy." Jacky Cheung song "lonely man" said many men heart Tencent entertainment news song "Jacky Cheung in October 21, 22, 23 will be held in Beijing MasterCard center" A CLASSIC TOUR the · the classic "world tour next February at the Taipei arena concert 11, 12, 18, 19, two consecutive weekends. Set in a body, a born classic classic," Guinness World Records God level figures Jacky Cheung, end the majority of fans waiting for 5 years, "A CLASSIC TOUR · alumni; classical world tour Taipei station in October 1st this year, 12 noon to e-toyou ticketing system on sale! And in October this year, Jacky Cheung will be the first touring Hongkong station in December held a total of 20 games, Jacky Cheung 5 years apart will once again set foot on the Coliseum, the day before the public sale of tickets, long queues before a night at the ticket at the cultural centre in Tsim Sha Tsui, hundreds of people lining up in panic buying, and 10 points early in the morning before a sale, the Internet Ticketing system has more hours of bursting paralysis. Jacky Cheung in the rehearsal scene that Hongkong 20 of the tickets sold out, all the staff on " " screaming ecstasy; song; irresistible charm, Jacky Cheung is very calm and said, "you can celebrate, but I have no way to celebrate, have to wait until after the performance only." In addition, the online crazy pass Jacky Cheung concert tickets, how hard it is to get the film, Jacky also humorously: "please don’t be fooled by this movie, we a lot of concert tickets, please hurry to buy." And in February next year once again boarded the arena concert, is also 5 years apart, this tour is a classic theme, Jacky Cheung will "resume" challenge four stage, he is for the first time in four Taiwan of eggs! From the last four Taiwan concert is the Coliseum in Hongkong 21 years ago. But before the announced the "classic" lineup of super large team, creative, art director: Xi Zhongwen, director: Liu Acer, music director: Wu Qinglong, dance director: NappyTabs, image director: Chen Yiren, fashion design, engineering director: Chen / Li Guohai. Jacky Cheung said, I am also looking forward to the show, I hope my classic hit your classic." In 2016 the song "Jacky Cheung will bring the new" A CLASSIC TOUR · alumni; Classical World Tour "series from the global fans of the past, present and future, we can write the eternal classic global Chinese music event!相关的主题文章:

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