Japan Consumer Council hand travel sweepstakes or gambling sichen

Japan Consumer Council: hand travel sweepstakes or gambling crimes in September 20th, according to Japanese media reports, the Cabinet Office of the Consumer Council held on the online shopping consumption conference. The meeting said: from Mobile Games "toy" rare props to get information rate should be provided to the user. And also to the game industry views. First of all, based on consumer data, combined with real-time dynamic analysis. The application in krypton gold experience people occupy about 30%, every month Khorium 1500 yen (about 98.7 yuan) holds 60% of the following. However, the data show a certain proportion of the minors krypton gold 10000 yen per month (about 658 yuan) above. In a game of krypton gold 100 thousand yen (about 6581 yuan) about 2%, of which there are krypton gold 1 million yen (about 65810 yuan) of the game player. The Consumer Council pointed out that online games on krypton gold happened "guardians of minors to use mobile phone to play games, using the credit card Khorium about 370 thousand yen (about 24 thousand yuan)." "100 thousand krypton game characters are the official weakened, although access to monetary compensation operator within the game, but the game player to get cash compensation." Such examples. The Consumer Council said: "in order to protect the interests of consumers, consumers should provide adequate information. For example, the drop rate and props to draw rare props krypton gold total expectations should be told." In addition, the Consumer Council also referred to the possibility of winning the lottery because of the crime, the Commission hopes that both operators and consumers can be used as a warning. Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime相关的主题文章:

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