Jin Chen for the first time to respond to events the angle robbed to vent their anger did not regret mentalist

Jin Chen for the first time to respond to events: the angle robbed to vent their anger does not regret Jin Chen data figure Tencent entertainment news November 16th, live at the airport all star scout Jin Chen encounter. Jin Chen a red jacket coming out of the airport, waiting for their luggage at the same time to pick up the phone and contact their friends. Recently, Jin Chen micro-blog issued a document angrily robbed role event netizens much attention. For this event, the people who eat melon differ each one sticks to his own viewpoint. Our scouts at the airport met the events of the protagonist Jin Chen certainly will not miss the opportunity, then approached the interview. A: Hello Jin Chen, wearing so much you don’t feel too hot? Jin Chen: Yeah, it is a bit hot! When you can say: scout said that when micro-blog’s mood is like? Jin Chen: I don’t know why I suddenly send this micro-blog, should be a backlog of some emotions do not know how to express. A: you have to vent finished after this act of regret? Jin Chen: No, no, no! Very cool! Then the scouts continue to ask miss this opportunity will not regret? Kim Chen also generous smile said: "well, do not feel regret, will have a better chance of."

金晨首度回应被抢角事件:为了泄愤并不后悔  金晨资料图  腾讯娱乐讯 11月16日,全明星直播的星探在机场偶遇金晨。金晨一身大红棉袄现身机场,等待行李的同时不断拿起手中的电话与友人联系。 近日,金晨微博发文怒斥被抢角色事件备受网友关注。对于此事件,吃瓜群众们各执己见,意见不同。我们的星探在机场遇到了事件的主角金晨当然不会错失机会,便上前采访。  星探:金晨你好,穿这么多你不觉得太热了吗?  金晨:是是是,确实是有点热!  星探:能说一说你当时发那条微博的时候心情是怎么样的吗?  金晨:我也不知道我为什么突然间发这条微博,应是积压了一些情绪不知该怎么宣泄。  星探:那你宣泄完了过后有没有为这样的举动感到后悔?  金晨:没有没有,完全没有!挺爽的!  随后星探继续追问其错失这次机会会不会感到后悔?金晨也大方微笑表示“还好,不觉得很遗憾,以后会有更好的机会。”相关的主题文章:

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