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Travel-and-Leisure Located 130 km from Hanoi in the Duy Nhat Vu Thu District, Keo Pagoda was built in the beginning of 17 centuries. Under the guidance of the Buddhist monk and famous doctor the way out. Born in the village of Giao Thuy, Nam Dinh today, giant has become a Buddhist monk at age 29. He makes friends with two other famous professors, and the Tu Giac Hai, and in 1060, the three went to India to learn more about Buddhism. Back home a year later, giant building a pagoda named Quang Nghiem and then go across the country to preach Buddhism, and treat patients, including King Ly Thanh Tong. Giant has not been credited with the king of a serious illness. To show gratitude that the king the best title of the National Master (Prince’s Master) on the doctors. In 1167, King Ly Anh Tong issued an imperial edict to give money to repair Quang Nghiem pagoda and renamed it Than Quang. But in 1611, a hurricane destroyed the left Red River and swept the bank to the pagoda. The local people, who moved to the river’s banks belonged to Thai Binh province, is determined to build a temple. However, because the Lord and Lord Trinh Nguyen has been waging war in the country, it took Tho Hau Tuan Hoang Nhan Dung, a, and his wife Le Thi Ngoc Lai 19 years to call for and collect money to build a temple in the village Keo. Work on the pagoda, was finally completed in 1632 after 28 months construction. 5.8ha of the pagoda complex at the time, including 21 houses with 157 hours. It now has 17 houses with 128 hours, including more than 2022m2.The complex near the main entrance to the lake with three arches, which are shrines to the Buddha and the disciples. Chua glue Statues boasts nearly 100, making it a museum of Buddha Statues veritable. In the pagoda is an area specifically for giant, as well as shrines to Gia Roi, Thien Huong Phuc Quoc, Thuong Dien and others. The aloe-wooded giant statue of a standing on the altar with red lacquer trimmed with gold. It is said that when he died in 1094 at age 79, the Buddhist monks moved to the statue. Visitors can also see many objects that giant used in life, such as three shells teacups and used as a chain of beads. The compound of three-level bell tower with curved roofs and three bells. The bell on the level of heavy 300 kg, followed by a 700 kg heavy, and the last 1.3 tons of the most serious. Next to an old bell tower is surrounded by 36 broken stone mortars, which the workers built the pagoda, allegedly used to grind rice. The highlight of the festival, Keo Pagoda from 13 .- 15. Ninth month of the lunar year, or 15 to 17 October this year, which commemorates giant. The festival began with a morning hearing, symbolising in 100 days of the Buddhist discipline of the monk underwent. Boat race next in the afternoon, and a drum-beating to occur at night. After the morning of a huge organization with a birthday treat. In the afternoon, the "Gathering of the Buddhist" worship ceremony was held in Gia Roi temple in temple confines. Finally is busy with ceremonies and fun after "Back to the Palace" behavior. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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