Large forest land was severely damaged, Guangdong investigation and filing of 645 criminal detention t420s

TIMBERLAND was severely damaged in Guangdong and detained 45 people filing 645 original title: Guangdong investigated 645 criminal cases of illegal occupation of forest land in Guangdong detained 45 people damaged woodland adorable photo Guangdong timberland damaged Lin Meng photo Beijing, Guangzhou, September 28 (Xinhua Cheng Jingweilin Yin) Guangdong Provincial Forestry Department, the Provincial Department of land resources the 28 day held a joint press briefing revealed that the province to combat illegal and criminal damage to forest resources "line of action", for investigation of 645 cases, the criminal case 81 cases, a fine of about 13000000 yuan, 496 administrative penalty, criminal detention of 45 people. Guangdong’s "red line" during the period of May 30th to September 15th of this year, seized illegal projects a total of 673 cases, occupying more than 4000 acres of woodland area, of which more than half of the woodland was used for illegal mining and quarrying, sand soil, the operation of nearly 1800 acres of forest land. According to the director of the Guangdong Provincial Forest Public Security Bureau Liao Qingxiang introduction, submit the action to the Provincial Department of land and 186 suspected illegal occupation of forest land satellite map spot data and the provincial forestry department to sort out the 124 2011-2015 years the illegal land use investigation and remediation project "as the focus, focus on combating the illegal occupation of forest land, quarrying, mining soil pumping sand and other criminal acts, while the construction of the illegal occupation of forest land, deforestation and resolutely combat. Liao Qingxiang said, according to the illegal occupation of forest land quarrying, mining soil, mining mainly focus on the problems found in dense forests in the deep mountains, and the difficulty of investigation and evidence collection, the use of satellite and UAV operations map and GPS mapping and other inspection evidence. According to reports, the two departments have also sent a joint steering group to supervise the handling of Guangdong Shaoguan new Fengxian County Chuanglian Mining Co. Ltd. the illegal occupation of forest land case 13 cases of major cases, as has been cracked under 5 cases. The briefing also released ten typical cases, the main landlords should be concentrated in Guangdong, Xinfeng, Deqin and other places of Britain and germany. Liao Qingxiang said that the current social demand for ore is still large, criminals driven in profits, disregard of the law, for mining and Quarrying and illegal for forest, deforestation, Guangdong will continue to intensify the investigation and remediation efforts to combat. (finished)

大片林地遭严重破坏 广东查处立案645宗刑拘45人   原标题:广东查处占用林地违法犯罪案645宗刑拘45人 广东遭破坏的林地 林萌 摄 广东大片林地遭到严重破坏 林萌 摄   中新网广州9月28日电 (程景伟 林荫)广东省林业厅、省国土资源厅28日联合举行新闻通报会透露,该省打击破坏林地资源违法犯罪“红线行动”,立案查处案件645宗,其中刑事案81宗,罚款1300多万元,行政处罚496人,刑事拘留45人。   广东此次“红线行动”在今年5月30日至9月15日期间进行,共查获违法违规项目合计673宗,占用林地面积4000多亩,其中超过一半林地被用于违法采石采矿、采砂取土,行动中共收回林地接近1800亩。   据广东省森林公安局局长廖庆祥介绍,该行动以该省国土厅提交的186个疑似违法占用林地卫星图斑数据和该省林业厅梳理出来的124个“2011-2015年全省违法违规使用林地项目”为排查整治重点,重点打击非法占用林地采土、采石、抽沙等违法犯罪行为,同时对工程建设违规占用林地、毁林开垦等进行坚决打击。   廖庆祥表示,针对非法占用林地采石、采土、挖矿主要集中在深山密林的状况,存在发现和调查取证难等问题,行动中利用卫星图斑和无人机及GPS定位等进行巡查取证。   据介绍,上述两部门还派出联合督导组,挂牌督办广东韶关新丰县创联矿业有限公司违法占用林地案等13宗重点案件,截至目前已侦破督办案件5宗。   通报会上还对外公布十宗典型案例,案发地主要集中在广东德庆、新丰、英德等地。   廖庆祥称,当前社会对矿石的需求仍然很大,违法犯罪分子在暴利驱动下,置法律于不顾,为采石采矿而非法占林、毁林,广东将继续加大排查打击整治力度。(完)相关的主题文章:

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