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Parenting Four year old Ankur returns from the park in mud stained clothes. His mother is appalled at his appearance. Before sending him next evening for his fun ‘n’ frolic session at the park, there are a list of instructions for him. ‘Don’t get dirty’, ‘Don’t go where the ground is wet’, ‘Don’t touch swings that have mud on them’ and so on. What do you think is likely to happen if this exercise is repeated over the next week? Ankur will think twice before running around with his friends lest he slips on the ground. His carefree mind will now be concentrating on how to avoid getting dirty rather than indulge in free play. And you can well imagine how a small incident like this and similar such moments will go on to hamper Ankur’s confidence and his self esteem eventually. There is a similar response of parents when children run around in the house, jump on the sofa, make noises and shout, or try to play music with kitchen utensils. Parents, on seeing such behavior, start thinking how rowdy, indisciplined and ‘out of control’ their child is becoming. They begin to feel that this way he’ll forget his manners or etiquettes which will become a cause of embarrassment in front of others. But remember, you can clean mud stains on your child but not wipe out the impressions on his mind. Your restrictions would curtail his movement, confine his natural expression and limit his growth. There is no fixed formula to be an ideal parent and to raise children perfectly. But you can work towards becoming a good parent and see that your child blossoms. For this you need to stop expecting children to behave like adults. Children cannot be expected to sit in a corner quietly or assess the outcome of a certain thing and then act. Their young minds are too nave for that. They are filled up with so much of energy that they need to stay busy doing one thing or the other. Hence, making noises, hopping around doesn’t mean your child lacks manners. He is just acting natural. You also need to let children be themselves. Children have inherent curiosity to explore and experiment. They want to indulge in every activity and find out what is what. Thus, fidgetting around with things of the house comes naturally to them. Don’t put taboos on his expedition to discover. Because discovering things is play for them and in this play, they learn all the lessons of early years. This way a child’s imagination widens, his desire to explore strengthens, and his confidence to find out and seek increases manifold. Most important, you need to understand that these magic years of childhood will never return. Let him enjoy and treasure some golden memories. Give your child full freedom and opportunity to enjoy this golden period of his life. How he spends these formative years will decide the very basis of his personality. An atmosphere full of freedom would make him bubble with enthusiasm and develop positive attitude which’ll last throughout his life. How often do we, as adults, recall our childhood days and compare that those tender years were the best part of life? So, why take away this chance from our little ones. After all, we may not be able to keep our children as ‘children’ forever, but we can keep the ‘child’ in them alive always. For more details click on : .mothersprideonline.com .presidiumonline.. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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