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Let the baby healthy and happy growth of the 33 methods – Sohu maternal and child every parent has a desire, that is, the baby can grow up healthy and happy. It’s a few words, but it’s not easy. Today, we talk about bacteria, to help children grow up healthy and happy in 33 ways. 1 let the baby understand not wasting time 2 methods to encourage the baby to take the initiative to do exercise 3 example, maintain exercise habits of the 4 children to support but not overbearing manner to encourage children to exercise 5 together with the baby simple social activities to cultivate the 6 play, 7 free play together with the baby to do public service activities more than 8 communication 9 spend more time with the baby 10 own happiness infection baby 11 together with the baby to ride a bike 12 to tell the baby occasionally negative things happened, to actively face 13 to understand their personalities and quirks 14 encourage the baby to learn to work and rest, good fun, encourage and support the baby 15 hobbies 16 the baby can accept the way " Don’t use 17 life examples, teach children compassion and gratitude 18 imposes less restrictions and fetters, to encourage children more freedom to play 19 to perform acts of kindness simple 20 to know that not all parenting advice are suitable for your child 21 limit the time of watching TV 22 to overcome the defects of personality of 23 to 24 children never underestimate love and support 25 to tell the baby bullying is wrong, everyone should be respected in 26 when angry, tell their problems and then solve in second days 27 to encourage children to express their feelings to the baby 28 guidance, but let your baby do 29 to help the baby to be patient more than 30! 31 do not let the baby rely on 32 slowly let the baby independent of the level of happiness 33. (1 families 2 friends 3 games 4 sports 5 toys) these methods do not necessarily apply to each baby, but the ultimate goal is to let the baby feel happy, let the treasure treasure mom dad felt parent-child relationship is precious and unique, this also is one of the ways to help the baby grow up healthy and happy oh ~ what happened to greater than the pregnant mother and fetus treasure thing? Open the WeChat search on October, care of the public number, here are the most reliable parenting and maternal knowledge. Do not miss passing through the passing of each reminder of the October bacteria!相关的主题文章:

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