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Liao River Estuary   guardian of the most beautiful red beach – tourism channel sunset, the birds flew over the Liaohe river. Liaohe estuary wetland ecological restoration, rare birds breeding habitat heudei. Xia Jianguo photo Red Beach National Scenic corridor eco-tourism zone. Liu Jie taken to see more content to scan two-dimensional code in Panjin and Jinzhou at the junction of the Daling River and the Liaohe River, a meandering road Pentium, into Bohai. At the intersection of the flood and ebb tidal wetland, the growth of a strong and dense salsa grass, from summer to autumn, the Red Steppe is boundless. This is the National Nature Reserve in Liaohe estuary wetland, this is the one to protect the Red Crowned Crane, gull and other rare waterfowl and coastal wetland ecosystem of the wetland nature reserve. December 2004, the wetland was approved by international organizations included in the list of important international wetlands". The world’s largest gull breeding area, accounting for over 70% of the total from large areas of reed continued to walk to the edge of Bohai, in an unbroken line red into the eye, Keke salsa dense, tenaciously rooted in the early autumn is above the beach, red beach. Panjin wetland in eight of the world’s largest bird migration route of East Asia, the Western Pacific flyway, is China’s three big bird migration routes on the eastern front, millions of waterbirds in the stopover or breeding every year. Here is an important stopover for migrating north and south of the Red Crowned Crane, the population habitat more than 500. An important calving ground at the mouth or spotted seals, spotted seals inhabiting this year more than 300. Breeding, where the world’s largest gull area for many years, invested heavily in Panjin city and Liaoning province and the relevant departments of the state, for the gull and other rare birds protection, has built a gull breeding artificial island 4, an area of more than 3 thousand acres, the gull population to develop steadily, as of now, the Panjin wetland habitat near gull population 000, is worthy of the name "gull town", accounts for over 70% of the world. Panjin also make full use of the gift of nature, in the premise of not changing the nature of wetlands, wetland eco-tourism, to create national scenic areas, the development of eco-tourism industry. At present, Panjin 18 km long red Beach Scenic corridor, has become China’s famous eco-tourism area. The pilot wetland ecological benefit compensation, do not owe the "new account" is the "old Panjin" do not owe the "new account", is "old", in 2013, launched between Liaohe River Panshan sluice flood land rent to the dawn of the bridge returning farmland to the river, on the basis of provincial subsidies 600 yuan Mu every year. The city raised funds 400 yuan subsidy per mu per year, the completion of the 27693 acres of beach land, fully open up the Liaohe ecological channel, can effectively restore the ecological environment. In 2014 the state issued a pilot wetland ecological benefit compensation and the policy of returning farmland to wetlands, wetland is listed as the first batch of pilot, Panjin for 40 million yuan of funds for land compensation, wetland ecological restoration, wetland surrounding environment and other wetland restoration project construction. Panjin Liaohe River Estuary 7000 hectares of aquaculture also Tuiyang beach project, included in the national forestry)相关的主题文章:

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