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Long and short battle started market needs new leading Sohu securities on Wednesday, the two cities within a narrow range, intraday stock index 3100 points by pressing, shock fall, Shenzhen is relatively strong, the gem refers to the led. At the close, the stock index at 3085.88 points, down 0.12%, Shenzhen component index reported 10760.44 points, or 0.09%, entrepreneurship blackboard 2192.17 points, or 0.83%. The rebound in August 16 reached a new high of 3144.44 points after the Shanghai Composite Index fell for 7 consecutive days. The reason is mainly dragged down by heavyweights. Currently, the market in the vicinity of the 10 day moving average has some support, but the line up and significantly blocked up. Yesterday, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange bond pledged repo R-001 early closing at 3.644%, up 811%. Analysts pointed out that in the current financial balance of the two to 900 billion yuan mark, the central bank may not be willing to see the market coupled with leverage. If the central bank to enable the 14 day reverse repo instead of overnight, can indeed play a role in lifting the cost of arbitrage. Some analysts believe that the central bank reproduction heavy stabilizing measures, after half a year after the resumption of the 14 day reverse repurchase amount, from the perspective of steady growth, or intended to increase the average maturity of the monetary base, improve the stability of base money, the ultimate goal is to guide capital off the virtual reality, but also further reduce the possibility of future RRR cuts. Yesterday, the China Insurance Regulatory Commission also strike out to the insurance agency issued two copies of the draft, insurance products, especially in the short-term products, face the most stringent supervision of history. In fact, the current insurance premium cost is too high, but mainly rely on short-term universal insurance in the red scale, the short term will inevitably bring about the high scale, maturity mismatches, and panic not choose when to invest, will inevitably become a major hidden danger. Yesterday, century cruise, hingsen technology company two "10 Zhuanzeng 20" plan that the Shenzhen Stock Exchange was concerned, require the company to self-examination and explain the reason behind the high proportion of profit distribution plan, and the profit distribution plan before the research institutions and insider trading stock situation. A day earlier, Guanfu shares "10 Zhuanzeng 20 high transfer plan has attracted regulatory attention, which shows regulators of listed companies gaosongzhuan tighter regulation of the situation. Since the August rally, rose is the main bank, securities and insurance stocks, the catalyst is venture capital placards real estate stocks. However, by Vanke equity dispute, venture capital placards real estate triggered big market, are not sustainable, just 8 trading days the market disadvantage of the two signals: one is the two trading by cold. August 15th Shanghai and Shenzhen stock market peatlands breakthrough, two city turnover reached $750 billion 301 million, compared with the previous almost doubled. But since the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock market turnover will gradually decline, in August 17th fell to 600 billion yuan, in August 19th fell to 500 billion yuan, since then few trading days of the turnover of the two cities is reduced to 500 billion yuan, 449 billion 100 million yuan yesterday is a record of the recent transaction volume, trading experience from hot to cold. Two is the flow of funds from the inflow and outflow. From the perspective of capital flows, August 1;相关的主题文章:

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