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Recipes The low carb diet movement has taken the world by storm. Nearly everyone has heard of it who could avoid doing so? Variations of this reducing diet have been endorsed by celebrities and other popular figures. Advertisements for low carb food products and low carb recipes have been portrayed prominently in magazines and television, with the promise that you WILL lose weight even if you eat large food portions; you just have to make sure that the food you are eating has little or no carbohydrate content. Perhaps one of the most surprising things is that low carb recipes are doable and once your system has gotten used to them, they are easy to follow. People are of the apprehension that it will be hard to make dishes because of the scarcity of ingredients. After all, we have be.e accustomed to using things like sugar, flour, bread, potatoes, etc. all of which are a no-no for low carb dieters in the dishes we eat. But as the low carb diet movement started to be.e more popular and as the clamor for appropriate ingredients increased, the food industry rose up to the occasion and started introducing products to meet demand. Take for instance, sugar. Normal sugar is known to trigger certain mechanisms in the body that would make a person feel hungrier more often. Add this to the fact that sugar is full of empty calories that will only add to the ones that your body already is trying to burn. Now, however, dieters can take .fort in the fact that they can use artificial sweeteners such as Splenda that do not have the same effect on the body as sugar, but still impart the sweetness that so many of us want and crave. Entrees or main dishes pose no problem since low carb diets usually promote the consumption of high-protein food products, such as meat. It is those appetizers, desserts, snack foods and even beverages that pose a problem. But with the introduction of substitute products, a dieter need not look at dishes like breaded chicken or chocolate cake with vain longing. Just look at the variety of low carb recipes online and offline, and you will see that there is a plethora of ingredients with the label low carb attached to them. Want to make some brownies? No problem, just use low carb chocolate. Breaded pork chops or chicken can be enjoyed guilt-free if you use bread crumbs derived from low carb bread. Are you a pasta lover who cringes at the thought of having to give up lasagna and spaghetti? Then you will appreciate the fact that there are low carb pastas out on the market, enabling you to continue enjoying your favorite dishes just make sure that the sauces and other ingredients you use are not laden with carbohydrates. Low carb reducing diets, such as Atkins and South Beach, do not ask the dieter to totally give up food items that have carbohydrate content. The key is to control ones carb intake in order to promote faster metabolism: burn more calories faster to lose weight faster. Fruits and vegetables are still an essential part of the diet, but it is important to know which types of fruits to avoid and to enjoy, especially if you are just starting your diet. For instance, you can enjoy grapefruit, peach or strawberry shakes, smoothies or juices without .punction; the same cannot be said for dishes that contain bananas, pears, or grapes. If you find yourself running out of recipe ideas and you are determined to stick with a low carb diet plan, there are numerous books, web sites, and other resources that you can avail of in order to plan a daily or weekly menu. This is assuming that you like to cook for yourself or someone else on a low carb menu. On the other hand, if you are not the type who is fastidious about home cooking, then you will be glad to know that many restaurants serve food especially for the low carb consumer. There is also a variety of microwaveable and ready-to-eat meals that are suited for such reducing diets. Before a person goes all out on a carbohydrate-controlled diet and starts hoarding and following low carb recipes, it is always a wise thing to get a professional medical opinion on whether such a diet is safe for him or her. Persons with certain health issues, such as kidney disease, should not embark on a low carb reducing diet. Barring that, almost any person can enjoy great-tasting even gourmet foods and drinks and still lose weight in the process. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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