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Mainland tourists to Taiwan authorities " "   Hu root; advised tourism " " – Channel – Taiwan diverted; original title: mainland tourists to Taiwan authorities " Hu root " advised tourism " " China diverted Taiwan network news; 9 September saw the number of mainland tourists in a few months plunged, and continues to decrease, the island’s nearly 20 thousand tourism 12 days will be took to the streets to protest the ruling authorities of Taiwan really anxious, even on frequent moves to save. After that half a month ago to visit showmanship, "Executive Yuan" in charge of tourism port administrative committee Zhang Jingsen, speaks of "Lu Ke friend said". Yesterday (8 days) is the "fight", has always been the Taiwan authorities plan fiscal money strapped Zachu NT $30 billion to save tourism. The Ministry’s 30 billion hit save tourism all hands to approve according to Taiwan media reports, Taiwan’s "Executive Yuan" was held on 8 "mainland tourists to reduce impact and coping meeting", "ministry" put forward four strategies, which include the tourism industry 30 billion NT dollars in concessional loans. "Chief executive" Lin said. Yesterday, "ministry" in the analysis of mainland tourists to reduce the impact of shocks, including the island’s travel industry, home industry, shopping, tour industry, tour guides, car rental and taxi, guesthouse and shop. Affected by the large counties, the counties of Chiayi, Hualian County, Taoyuan City, Kaohsiung City, Taitung county and Taipei city. Mainland tourists not to Taiwan authorities "Hu root tourism" advised "diverted" for mainland tourists to Taiwan’s Ministry of transportation yesterday put forward four countermeasures, involving emerging market customers, rooted in European and American markets, promote tourism, is nothing more than brains to draw other tourists, hoping to fill the "land missing". There is a "countermeasure", to "assist mainland tourists industry rescue and Transformation: assist tour bus driver jobs, mainland tourists shopping counseling shop duty-free camp." It seems to be a za, advise "diverted" means to find another way. The error of cross-strait policy led to Lu Cai out, the industry is difficult to maintain the livelihood, to petition response, the answer is almost in: since the industry’s difficulties, then simply do not dry, please have a career change. Mainland tourists tour bus drivers have jobs, even "diverted" to something else, the franchise business group of mainland tourists shopping stores also sell other products to. For mainland tourists not to, the Cai Yingwen Administration for industry to open a "bail-out prescription" really be not of the common sort! Indiscriminate prescription of more than one, the DPP Taiwan legislative vice president, Cai Qichang said 8 days, with the number of mainland tourists to Taiwan reduction problem, our steps should be more quickly, how to supervise the "Executive Yuan" to assist the tourism industry to "source and diversion", this is a very important work. He said, "shunt" refers to the Taiwan tourism should not be concentrated in certain spots, such as the DPP Taichung mayor Lin Jialong integrated central region resources to Chingchuankang International Airport as "in a" portal. Only shunt, only相关的主题文章:

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