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Micro-blog: "the Li Zhenghao’s counter attack diversified" by the NASDAQ listed companies — micro-blog, October 18, 2016 rose to $53.12 shares, market capitalization of $11 billion 300 million, for the first time in the market value of Twitter ($11 billion 200 million) beyond. Although this is just a brief Transcendence – because of the stock price relationship, Twitter market capitalization and soon more than micro-blog. But because micro-blog has been called Twitter in the China replica of the "Apprentice" to "master" beyond the domestic Chinese is still regarded as the China Internet industry is a major milepost event. In this regard, a large city, especially in the north of Guangzhou Shenzhen white-collar class, the first reaction is, "for a long time without micro-blog, how could this be?" But Facts speak louder than words., although in the user scale, micro-blog and Twitter, there is still a gap, but in revenue, profitability, development prospects, micro-blog has better. Morgan Stanley latest forecast shows that the number of monthly active users in 2018 will reach 400 million in. Corresponding to this, the current situation is a loss of Twitter, and even into the rumors of being traded. WeChat was born in 2011, once let micro-blog in Chinese become obsolete". Third party research agency data show that in 2012 the number of monthly active users of micro-blog Q2~Q4 fell nearly 40%. But in the past two or three years, especially in April 2013 to get $586 million investment Alibaba, micro-blog low-key stealth counter attack. Why micro-blog can get good results in the market? What are the key factors? What challenges will be faced in the future? "China Business Daily" business case for your layers of secret. Market performance in 2016 was the best stock micro-blog is the best performing stocks this year. From the lowest point in February 12, 2016 of $12.09, to the highest point – in October 10, 2016 of $55.93, micro-blog’s shares rose 362.61%. But because of the shift in the relationship, micro-blog $53.12 stock shares in October 18, 2016, before the implementation of the Twitter beyond the market value. The market value of more than ten billion U.S. dollars also allow micro-blog to become one of China’s ten largest Internet Co, beyond its parent company Sina’s market position in China’s Internet industry. The user growth for micro-blog backing". Reported in 2016, the first quarter of second, micro-blog monthly active users grew to 261 million and 282 million, respectively, an increase of 32%, 33%; the number of active users increased to 120 million and 126 million, respectively, an increase of 35%, 36%. It is worth mentioning that, since the second quarter of 2014 so far, the number of monthly active users of micro-blog has been maintained for more than 9 consecutive quarters of growth of more than 30%. Internet analyst Wang Chen told the China business reporter, micro-blog’s Internet penetration from 34.3% at the end of 2015, up to the 2016 quarter of second.相关的主题文章:

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