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Millet 5S photos actually minutes minutes of the 6 months of Meizu polished Pro6s? Sohu science and technology first thanks very much thanks to the Sohu technology platform to provide the opportunity to experience millet 5s! Millet mobile phone call from the beginning of the birth of "born to have a fever slogan to attract another batch of fancier, but from the beginning of 4 millet, millet reputation and sales for many Rice noodles by Tucao, make another batch of users said millet changed, is no longer the price of Wang, lack of sincerity, millet new machine released the first half of this year 5 has not been able to retrieve the situation, which makes the 5S millet millet 5S plus highly anticipated, as a transitional product millet, whether or not the cable surge? The price of 1999 millet 5S is enough cattle B? Let’s take a look at it! A box of millet, 5S is used in the packing box of pure white, in addition to a positive millet logo will have no other words and drawings, the whole is very simple. Millet 5S is a pure white packaging box, in addition to the front of a logo without any other words and patterns, the whole is very simple. The back is the basic product information, the 5S is equipped with CNC millet mobile phone version, with 3GB 64GB memory storage, matte silver, the price of 1999 yuan. To win the user’s attention configuration: Qualcomm snapdragon 821, 5.15 inch 2.5D front glass, ultrasonic fingerprint identification. Millet 5S is used in the design of heaven and earth box, damping design is more appropriate, gently holding the lid, the lower part of the opportunity to gently slide. The first layer is a mobile phone, the second layer is the manual, the third layer is the accessories layer. Family portrait of 5S 5S, including millet, millet, adapter, data line card pin and instructions, in need of special note is millet 5S accessories box adopts a very clever design, the iPad, cable and adapter accessories all are installed in a small box, simple and compact, compared before a fitting in a box, this design is more innovative. Two, the appearance of & details millet 5S forehead still does not use symmetrical design, which may allow the Virgo collapse, if you can, I’m more optimistic about the symmetry of the forehead. Millet 5S forehead still does not have a symmetrical design, which may allow you to collapse, if possible, I am more optimistic about the symmetry of the forehead. The pure metal cover, only a millet logo and factory stickers, silver and rose gold is used in treatment of matte, light gray and gold is used in processing high light drawing, to tell the truth I love more matte, brushed the other two high light color using the obviously look cheap millet 5S top set only a headset hole, the 5S does not set the infrared function. Look at the bottom of the thought that it is all the speakers, after all, look at the same as in the past, when playing the game to block the left side of the hole to know that this is not the speaker, but the microphone, in order to set up?相关的主题文章:

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