Moon cake to become holiday currency mid autumn welfare needs to be transformed

"The Festival Mid Autumn moon cake has become the currency benefits to be Beijing – transformation" Festival Mid Autumn moon cake has become the currency of welfare needs restructuring — qianchengwuyou publishing 2016 autumn welfare survey in September 23, the Mid Autumn Festival holiday is over, the largest human resources service provider 51job (NASDAQ: JOBS) after the release of the 2016 Mid Autumn Festival benefits survey. Data show that, although compared to the previous two years, national non Mid Autumn Festival gift of public funds "provisions weakened, but during the Mid Autumn Festival to the staff of non cash bonuses or consumer card companies accounted for the continued decrease, autumn welfare value, employee expectation degree drop. In this regard, 2016 corporate employers to start to adjust the mid autumn welfare program, in the case of the total budget unchanged, companies began to pay more attention to the value of the experience of employees. Mid autumn welfare can save it? 2016 mid autumn welfare survey, about 60% of the employees received from employers in the Mid Autumn Festival benefits, of which nearly 3/4 of respondents said "autumn welfare notwithstanding, but only for personal use, give Nabuchushou, the remaining 1/4 of the respondents said that" Zhong Qiufu lygo big give, use two fitting". Compared with the Mid Autumn Festival over the past few years, the enterprise direct payment of consumer cards, holiday fees continued to decrease. Survey shows that 51% of employers paid to employees during the Mid Autumn Festival of the non cash benefits equal to the employees’ expectations, personal investigation end showed similar change, only 19% of all respondents expressed satisfaction with the 2016 autumn welfare. For most businesses, the Mid Autumn Festival is a welfare practice behavior, businesses have been included in the budget expenditure in the beginning, in fact, welfare should not just be used as a cost as simple, but many managers are not aware of this point. If you ask the human resources which a piece of work is expensive, hard and dirty, then you get the answer is nine out of ten non welfare management. Ran their legs off, frayed mouth, effort, the company did not spend less money, but is scolded for net. This is the value of the welfare of low expression. Welfare enterprises in innovation, through the research to understand what employees should pay attention to the theme, the welfare adjustment measures to "brand" conception. Moon cake is really sent to eat it? Although more and more attention to the importance of corporate employers in addition to Moon Cake Festival welfare form, but as a mid autumn Festival moon cake is still in business relations and personal interaction play an important role in the. 73% HR said the enterprise will give cakes (coupons) to customers, while 85% employees said they would buy or transfer mooncakes to family, customers, the main direction of teacher children relations figures must also be presented. In the overall economic situation in the fierce market competition environment and the deviation, it is still difficult to avoid the Mid Autumn Festival, the moon cake (coupons) tend to play a "holiday money" role, through various relations in the circulation, to convey corporate employers or other enterprises or individuals for personal ends of the "mind" from the perspective of emotional value, B from A income, in turn presented to the C. What can I do to save you? My moon cakes with various colors.相关的主题文章:

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