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LETV Le 2S Pro run first exposure: 15.7 was the new run of the king near September, a wave of new mobile phone listing tide began to our raging hit, in addition to apple, SONY, domestic manufacturers, and for the music as Meizu will release the new home, in September of this year will still be very busy. From the current situation, the music will be on September 6th or 7, held a press conference to release 2S and 2S Pro music. It is worth mentioning that the apple press conference also on September 6th or 7, as this is to Apple launched a positive fight? Le 2S Pro this afternoon, there are users in the micro-blog exposure of a model for X720 security Bunny run screenshot, up to 157 thousand of the performance attracted the attention of many users. The bunny exposure information, X720 is the upcoming release of the new music, will be equipped with 821 Xiaolong processor product name is perhaps LETV mobile president Feng Xing micro-blog small tail exposure Le 2S Pro. Run of exposure in addition, LETV also prepared a low allocation models, although called low but lack of configuration comparable to the flagship model, will be equipped with 820 Xiaolong processor 4G RAM, combination photograph 8 million + 16 million, users have to guess the machine or le 2s. Today morning warm-up posters of music as a super mobile phone micro-blog official also released the latest poster preheating, said the product will use all metal body material, and suggested that the metal can also bring Wenrunruyu feeling.相关的主题文章:

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